General #1 (22/12/11)

22 Dec

Hola folks! So I’ve survived one week in the MTC now. Everyone told me when I came in, ‘just make it to Sunday, and you’ll be fine.’ How true that was. I was drowning in Spanish and working out kinks with my companion, Elder Edwards, meeting hordes of new faces… Yikes. But then Sunday came around, and it was a really nice and much needed break. Most of it was in english, and we had a devotional from Richard I Heaton, who directs something here at the MTC. He said things that were directly applicable to my situation. I honestly can’t remember any of them, but it’s written in my notebook. Essentially I learned that my focus was wrong and that I needed to focus on the Spirit and learning about people and the Gospel and how they’re related and such, instead of the language.

Speaking of, Spanish is coming along nicely. I feel a minimum level of confidence going into lessons with Gloria, our investigator-turned-teacher, and I’m always learning SO much everyday. I thought about how much I was learning the other day, and the thought came to my mind about how after this life we’ll learn and we’ll learn at ludicrous speed and I realized that the MTC is a little like that. I’m not learning at ludicrous speed, but it’s pretty close to hyperspeed. It’s wunderbar. But I am enjoying it, and my half-hour is up.

Missing you and having fun,
Elder Pickett

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