R&R at the MTC: Rules and Regulations

29 Dec

I’ve always understood that laws and commandments are there to protect us or bless us or maintain our freedom, but here at the MTC, sometimes it’s all just a pile of less than desirables. I remembered my camera, but the restrictions on file searching and such, I can’t access my camera to attach pictures. Graaagh. Frustrating. Maybe one day I’ll figure it out. So sorry for the lack of pictures, errbody. I’m sending some physical photos home today, so maybe they can be scanned and sent to the appropriate destinations.

N ways, I’m still having fun at the Empty Sea, learning Spanish and Gospel things. E. Edwards and I are now teaching with Hermana Jensen, which is a new and exciting experience. She’s helpful and pretty cool, but she has “this problem where she doesn’t smile enough.” Her words, not mine. It’s a little funny, but mostly I just think she’s perpetually sad sometimes. We’re now teaching Douglas, Gloria’s brother. It’s going well so far. We’ve met twice and he’s read from the Book of Mormon and learned to pray and recognize answers from the Spirit. We taught last time about Joseph Smith and the gold plates and the translation into the Book of Mormon, and he’s committed to read the introduction and title page of the BoM and pray about it. We’ve extended the invitation to be baptized and he said he’d think about it. Bueno!

Apparently it’s a normal thing to gain a bunch of weight in the MTC… As of this Monday (I believe) I’ve only gained 3 lbs. But I have yet to weigh myself since. Still rockin’ the four square! I hope my metabolism is good enough to allow me to work out minimally and still maintain a healthy BMI and all that health related stuff I don’t know about.

So my district leader, Elder Lundberg, does this thing every so always where he asks Gospel Would You Rathers. The currently popular one is this: Would you rather talk with the Three Nephites for 3 hours (they answer every question completely, no ‘I can’t tell you that’ answers) or see Abraham’s vision (the one with all of the people on all of the planets and all of creation and whatnot)? He gets us so offtask… Our district is actually really bad at focusing. On a completely unrelated note, we’ve had 16 teachers in the past 2 weeks.

OH so I continually realize how small the world is. The other day, I was walking out of dinner, and I see an Elder who looks kinda familiar. His nametag says “Elder Day.” I ask, “Do you, perchance, happen to be related to Craig Day?” And Elder Day says, “Uh, yeah. He’s my father.” WHAT? I just happened upon my cousin in the MTC. Crizazy! He’s headed to Argentina, I believe he said. It’s ridiculous. Also, as a zone leader-to-be, we picked up the international missionaries from the front desk, and there was a British elder there. Today, I saw an elder who was in my ward at BYU. Lo and behold, the Brit was his COMPANION. It’s ridiculous. But awesome.

And that’s all I have time for today, folks. Love you all and miss you lots!!
Elder Pickett

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