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Another Week, Another Eternity

We finally got Hermano Wilkes back! He’s all healthy and acting like an investigator, OH by the way, I should let you know how that’s all going. Gleury and Yolanda both have baptismal dates set for Feb. 18th, and are progressing nicely. For a while it was frustrating with Gleury because he had a testimony of the Book of Mormon, but still wouldn’t get baptized! Ridiculous, right? Apparently it happens a lot in the field. Yolanda was willing after we taught her and her inactive husband and got him going back to church. Ana, we met once, and has a baptismal date for the 11th of Feb. I believe. She was totally golden. We asked her to tell us about her life and she said she and her boyfriend were looking to become closer to God, and she showed up at church out of the blue and afterwards decided that it was the true church and it was the one for her. All this before we even talked to her. Golden to the max! The field is indeed white.

Zone leader duties are fluttering between unbearable and manageable. We had $50 stolen from an elder in our zone… So disappointing. In the MTC. Ugh! But we didn’t have a new district come in this week, so Elder Edwards and I really didn’t have to do much at all! Tis a nice break. But I’m still enjoying the MTC, whilst simultaneously wishing I was out of here and in the field. I just want to start! I sometimes feel like my mission hasn’t even begun yet. But it has. And it’s crazy. Wish me luck! And keep writing!!

Elder Pickett

[Sorry about this being late! It was originally sent on 1/26]

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Email on 1/19/2012

Going to the roof of the temple was SO COOL. It was a beautiful day, in the mid-forties (yes, I’ve acclimated nicely), a tiny bit o’ drizzle, and the mountains were GORgeous! We also got a tour of the inner mechanical workings of the Provo temple, and Bro. Jensen told us how they used to have giant films rolls going and he worked them whilst attending BYU and we looked out the windows above the tall shiny ones (look up a picture of the Provo temple if you don’t know what I’m talking about). So. Linda.

Also, that rumor that Russell M. Nelson was coming? Totally NOT bogus! He came and talked about the house of Israel and the Abrahamic Covenant and drowned us with scripture reference after scripture reference. But it was still sweet to see an Apostle. Duh. Always.

Two of our elders, Black y Nielson are leaving this week, and it’ll be weird, but I’ll get the bottom bunk. So essentially, it’s a win for me. They’re headed for the Guatemala MTC to finish out their MTC probation, where our Hermana Jensen has been for the past 3 weeks, if you don’t recall. Lucky punks. But all is well in the state of Utah. Barring everything that normally isn’t well, of course.

So this week, one of our teachers came down with mono from kissing all the hotties, and actually ended up in the hospital because of it. Yikes! But, I actually don’t know how he got mono–how could I, seeing as I haven’t seen him since contracting it–and as a result, we didn’t have teachers for half of our classes this week! We pretty much partied it up. Except for the whole ‘partied it up’ part. We jumped a little ahead in the schedule and taught each other as progressing investigators (to clear up confusion: this means we each make a persona for the other companionships to teach, or pick someone that we know and act as that person.), and invented a Preach My Gospel chase game in order to make us more familiar with the lessons we’re teaching. Also, we filled the extra time with more personal study, because we couldn’t really do much else. But we were productive!! And I think that’s pretty impressive for 8 19-20 year old young men.

Also, and most importantly, Happy Birthday to Sarah and Dad!!! I know I should’ve preempted it, but it’s better late than never, right? I hope it was a grand one! I’m working on putting a package together. (If there’s anything you specifically want, let me know through I love you all! Be righteous!

Elder PK

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Some MTC Photos

Duncan mailed back some pictures. Here they are:

Map picture!

Elder Black y yo en las luces de Navidad

Taken 12/15/11

My Neil Patrick Harris face!

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Temploral Happenings

We (my district) did an endowment session today!! I understood SO much more than I ever have before, but it was a little wierd because the Provo temple doesn’t have a terrestrial room. But all is well. It was a fanTAStic experience, and a superbueno opportunity to bond as a district. Except for Elders Black and Nielson… Elder Black misplaced his proxy card and so they couldn’t participate =( It’s a BEAUtiful temple, and afterwards we ate in the cafteria. That was the closest thing I’ve had to a home-cooked meal in a month now. Groodness, I’ve been here a month! Unfathomable. N ways, on our way out, I asked if they wanted to stop by Hermana Jensen’s dad and say hello, meet him and get any news about Hermana (which we did. Apparently all the Americans who reported to the Guatemala MTC immediately got sick with some stomach virus thing, but she’s okay now). 4 of us did and he was really friendly and told us to come to the temple next week and stop by his office at 9:30 so he could take us up on the ROOF!!! SO. JEFE. We’re stoked. And he said it could only be the four of us =) hehe which will be so cool! We’re gonna be on top of the mountain of the Lord! Como los jefes. I’m stoked. After we left his office, Elder Lundberg and I did the PK Cat Dance (a dance I invented whilst having New Year’s Day/Eve celebratory events, which was later named PK dance–a nickname E. Lundberg gave me, and today became the PK Cat dance because E. Lundberg is Dr. Seuss and I am his son), and one of the temple workers trolled the business out of me by saying “Hey! There’s no dancing at the temple.” I freaked out for half a second before he started laughing. I enjoy temple workers. And temples.

On another note, I’ve been suffering from a dearth of letters! Two of the last three days I haven’t recieved any letters/mail. That’s the first time it’s happened since I started getting mail here. So really, good job, friends and family!! That’s impressive, and SO appreciated! Don’t ever stop writing, please! I love your letters and will respond to all of them (unless you say otherwise…) on Thursdays. I love you all so dearly, and I want to hear from you! If you don’t want to send a letter because it costs moneys, you can use, it’s free and awesomesauce and I get it the very next day. Keep being wonderful and choosing the right!

Elder Pickett

P.S. It’s so cold here. =P

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Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose Your Solo Hermana

Hermana Jensen left on Tuesday for the Guatemala MTC =( Sad day. Especially because the temple just reopened yesterday and her dad is the temple recorder there. Major bummer. But I suppose we’re supposed to be disconnected from our families and such. Now it’s just us 8 elders. It’ll be 6 in another couple of weeks cuz we have 2 elders going to the Guatemala MTC as well. But on the bright side, the temple is open now!! We went today and did initiatories which was pretty sweet. I was a proxy for Juan (1673 or something… 17th century for sure) up until Johann Conrad Friedel in 1834. It was cool beans. Also, the Provo temple is bigger than the St. Paul temple, which is tiny!!

Also, things are normal for us now, as the holidays are over. We actually have a real teacher and not a ton of subsitutes. We’ve had a total of 22 teachers during our stay here. Yeesh! It’s a lot bit ridiculous.

Things are getting repetitive here, so I don’t really know what to inform you about… It’s kinda all the same. There’s a rumor floating around that Russell M. Nelson is coming soon, but I think it’s bogus because (a member of) the First Presidency (is/)are said to be coming for the 50th anniversary of the MTC. I’m officially a zone leader now and OH something personally really exciting, but probably lame to all of you is my drastic whistling improvement!! My district leader, Elder Lundberg, gave me a few pointers and I can whistle pretty decently most of the time! =D Whistling makes everything better. Fact.
Also, something fun to do here is poke fun at my companion for being totally and completely whipped by his girlfriend back home (20 minutes away….). At least thrice a day we’ll make the cracking of a whip sound, and it doesn’t ever get any less funny.

Elder McDonald, for those of you who know him, is still by my side, uplifting me when I need it and being hilarious and fantastic all the time. For those of you who don’t know him, he will be my roommate after the mission. We met at BYU. He’s trying hard to lock his heart, but I made him make a little ‘Duncan-door’ so it will always be open to me =)

Oh, last night we had our first emergency blessing. My companion was paged at like 10 pm and he came back in and we changed super quick and gave a blessing to our coordinating sister, Sister Orantes. She told us that during one of her investigator lessons (from folks not acting, hired by the MTC) that the investigator was asking questions about the ‘great and abominable church’ and she felt what seemed to be an evil spirit and she was wigging out hardcore. We gave her a blessing of comfort and she’s okay, but it even scared me a little. I figured we’d be protected from such things here at the MTC, but I guess they’ll get in wherever they can. I dunno. Just be careful, and don’t mess around with heavy things.

We orientated (that’s definitely not a real word…) a new district yesterday as legitimate zone leaders and they said that we looked way older than they did =D It was definitely a moment of triumph for us, since I know for a fact that I’m a ways younger than some of them. We look like real missionaries!! And it only took 3 weeks. Who’s got two thumbs and is totally jefe? This elder.

Also, as a note to the Farmington ward, I see Elder Roberts around a bunch at meal times. It was weird having to adjust to having to call him ‘Elder Roberts’ but he’s doing real well here, and seems to be loving it. From what I gather, he’s doing far better and more confident than I did my first week or so. He’s gonna be a phenomenal missionary down in Sur America.

Doing well, and WRITE LETTERS!!! They are probably the secondmost thrilling thing of my life now, and my love for you will abound immensely if you write me.

With love,
Elder Pickett

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