Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose Your Solo Hermana

05 Jan

Hermana Jensen left on Tuesday for the Guatemala MTC =( Sad day. Especially because the temple just reopened yesterday and her dad is the temple recorder there. Major bummer. But I suppose we’re supposed to be disconnected from our families and such. Now it’s just us 8 elders. It’ll be 6 in another couple of weeks cuz we have 2 elders going to the Guatemala MTC as well. But on the bright side, the temple is open now!! We went today and did initiatories which was pretty sweet. I was a proxy for Juan (1673 or something… 17th century for sure) up until Johann Conrad Friedel in 1834. It was cool beans. Also, the Provo temple is bigger than the St. Paul temple, which is tiny!!

Also, things are normal for us now, as the holidays are over. We actually have a real teacher and not a ton of subsitutes. We’ve had a total of 22 teachers during our stay here. Yeesh! It’s a lot bit ridiculous.

Things are getting repetitive here, so I don’t really know what to inform you about… It’s kinda all the same. There’s a rumor floating around that Russell M. Nelson is coming soon, but I think it’s bogus because (a member of) the First Presidency (is/)are said to be coming for the 50th anniversary of the MTC. I’m officially a zone leader now and OH something personally really exciting, but probably lame to all of you is my drastic whistling improvement!! My district leader, Elder Lundberg, gave me a few pointers and I can whistle pretty decently most of the time! =D Whistling makes everything better. Fact.
Also, something fun to do here is poke fun at my companion for being totally and completely whipped by his girlfriend back home (20 minutes away….). At least thrice a day we’ll make the cracking of a whip sound, and it doesn’t ever get any less funny.

Elder McDonald, for those of you who know him, is still by my side, uplifting me when I need it and being hilarious and fantastic all the time. For those of you who don’t know him, he will be my roommate after the mission. We met at BYU. He’s trying hard to lock his heart, but I made him make a little ‘Duncan-door’ so it will always be open to me =)

Oh, last night we had our first emergency blessing. My companion was paged at like 10 pm and he came back in and we changed super quick and gave a blessing to our coordinating sister, Sister Orantes. She told us that during one of her investigator lessons (from folks not acting, hired by the MTC) that the investigator was asking questions about the ‘great and abominable church’ and she felt what seemed to be an evil spirit and she was wigging out hardcore. We gave her a blessing of comfort and she’s okay, but it even scared me a little. I figured we’d be protected from such things here at the MTC, but I guess they’ll get in wherever they can. I dunno. Just be careful, and don’t mess around with heavy things.

We orientated (that’s definitely not a real word…) a new district yesterday as legitimate zone leaders and they said that we looked way older than they did =D It was definitely a moment of triumph for us, since I know for a fact that I’m a ways younger than some of them. We look like real missionaries!! And it only took 3 weeks. Who’s got two thumbs and is totally jefe? This elder.

Also, as a note to the Farmington ward, I see Elder Roberts around a bunch at meal times. It was weird having to adjust to having to call him ‘Elder Roberts’ but he’s doing real well here, and seems to be loving it. From what I gather, he’s doing far better and more confident than I did my first week or so. He’s gonna be a phenomenal missionary down in Sur America.

Doing well, and WRITE LETTERS!!! They are probably the secondmost thrilling thing of my life now, and my love for you will abound immensely if you write me.

With love,
Elder Pickett

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