Temploral Happenings

12 Jan

We (my district) did an endowment session today!! I understood SO much more than I ever have before, but it was a little wierd because the Provo temple doesn’t have a terrestrial room. But all is well. It was a fanTAStic experience, and a superbueno opportunity to bond as a district. Except for Elders Black and Nielson… Elder Black misplaced his proxy card and so they couldn’t participate =( It’s a BEAUtiful temple, and afterwards we ate in the cafteria. That was the closest thing I’ve had to a home-cooked meal in a month now. Groodness, I’ve been here a month! Unfathomable. N ways, on our way out, I asked if they wanted to stop by Hermana Jensen’s dad and say hello, meet him and get any news about Hermana (which we did. Apparently all the Americans who reported to the Guatemala MTC immediately got sick with some stomach virus thing, but she’s okay now). 4 of us did and he was really friendly and told us to come to the temple next week and stop by his office at 9:30 so he could take us up on the ROOF!!! SO. JEFE. We’re stoked. And he said it could only be the four of us =) hehe which will be so cool! We’re gonna be on top of the mountain of the Lord! Como los jefes. I’m stoked. After we left his office, Elder Lundberg and I did the PK Cat Dance (a dance I invented whilst having New Year’s Day/Eve celebratory events, which was later named PK dance–a nickname E. Lundberg gave me, and today became the PK Cat dance because E. Lundberg is Dr. Seuss and I am his son), and one of the temple workers trolled the business out of me by saying “Hey! There’s no dancing at the temple.” I freaked out for half a second before he started laughing. I enjoy temple workers. And temples.

On another note, I’ve been suffering from a dearth of letters! Two of the last three days I haven’t recieved any letters/mail. That’s the first time it’s happened since I started getting mail here. So really, good job, friends and family!! That’s impressive, and SO appreciated! Don’t ever stop writing, please! I love your letters and will respond to all of them (unless you say otherwise…) on Thursdays. I love you all so dearly, and I want to hear from you! If you don’t want to send a letter because it costs moneys, you can use, it’s free and awesomesauce and I get it the very next day. Keep being wonderful and choosing the right!

Elder Pickett

P.S. It’s so cold here. =P

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