Email on 1/19/2012

19 Jan

Going to the roof of the temple was SO COOL. It was a beautiful day, in the mid-forties (yes, I’ve acclimated nicely), a tiny bit o’ drizzle, and the mountains were GORgeous! We also got a tour of the inner mechanical workings of the Provo temple, and Bro. Jensen told us how they used to have giant films rolls going and he worked them whilst attending BYU and we looked out the windows above the tall shiny ones (look up a picture of the Provo temple if you don’t know what I’m talking about). So. Linda.

Also, that rumor that Russell M. Nelson was coming? Totally NOT bogus! He came and talked about the house of Israel and the Abrahamic Covenant and drowned us with scripture reference after scripture reference. But it was still sweet to see an Apostle. Duh. Always.

Two of our elders, Black y Nielson are leaving this week, and it’ll be weird, but I’ll get the bottom bunk. So essentially, it’s a win for me. They’re headed for the Guatemala MTC to finish out their MTC probation, where our Hermana Jensen has been for the past 3 weeks, if you don’t recall. Lucky punks. But all is well in the state of Utah. Barring everything that normally isn’t well, of course.

So this week, one of our teachers came down with mono from kissing all the hotties, and actually ended up in the hospital because of it. Yikes! But, I actually don’t know how he got mono–how could I, seeing as I haven’t seen him since contracting it–and as a result, we didn’t have teachers for half of our classes this week! We pretty much partied it up. Except for the whole ‘partied it up’ part. We jumped a little ahead in the schedule and taught each other as progressing investigators (to clear up confusion: this means we each make a persona for the other companionships to teach, or pick someone that we know and act as that person.), and invented a Preach My Gospel chase game in order to make us more familiar with the lessons we’re teaching. Also, we filled the extra time with more personal study, because we couldn’t really do much else. But we were productive!! And I think that’s pretty impressive for 8 19-20 year old young men.

Also, and most importantly, Happy Birthday to Sarah and Dad!!! I know I should’ve preempted it, but it’s better late than never, right? I hope it was a grand one! I’m working on putting a package together. (If there’s anything you specifically want, let me know through I love you all! Be righteous!

Elder PK

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