Another Week, Another Eternity

31 Jan

We finally got Hermano Wilkes back! He’s all healthy and acting like an investigator, OH by the way, I should let you know how that’s all going. Gleury and Yolanda both have baptismal dates set for Feb. 18th, and are progressing nicely. For a while it was frustrating with Gleury because he had a testimony of the Book of Mormon, but still wouldn’t get baptized! Ridiculous, right? Apparently it happens a lot in the field. Yolanda was willing after we taught her and her inactive husband and got him going back to church. Ana, we met once, and has a baptismal date for the 11th of Feb. I believe. She was totally golden. We asked her to tell us about her life and she said she and her boyfriend were looking to become closer to God, and she showed up at church out of the blue and afterwards decided that it was the true church and it was the one for her. All this before we even talked to her. Golden to the max! The field is indeed white.

Zone leader duties are fluttering between unbearable and manageable. We had $50 stolen from an elder in our zone… So disappointing. In the MTC. Ugh! But we didn’t have a new district come in this week, so Elder Edwards and I really didn’t have to do much at all! Tis a nice break. But I’m still enjoying the MTC, whilst simultaneously wishing I was out of here and in the field. I just want to start! I sometimes feel like my mission hasn’t even begun yet. But it has. And it’s crazy. Wish me luck! And keep writing!!

Elder Pickett

[Sorry about this being late! It was originally sent on 1/26]

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