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03 Feb

What a grand week! The MTC is pretty much routine right now, same thing week after week, and I’m enjoying it. We’re still teaching our investigators, PLUS a forreal investigator from Chile named Gabriel. It was inTENSE. Like the fire at the circus, baby. Anyways, we’ve only had one lesson with him, and we taught him the Restoration. He was raised Catholic, loves the ocean, works in building maintenance to support his wife and 2 kids, Adrienne and Gabriel Jr. He’s really friendly and was willing to listen. He was asking a lot of questions, which was GREAT! Our teacher-investigators just sit there and let us talk, saying nothing unless we ask them a question specifically. So much better when they’re asking questions. I feel like they’re so much more involved and interested. Maravillosa! Right now we (E’ Edwards and I) are working on improving on getting to really know our investigators. Like, as people. I feel like we’re progressing in this aspect, and also with teaching in unity. We’re getting a lot better at switching flawlessly between the two of us. Keep moving forward!!

Also, Elder Nelson came back for the 50th anniversary of the MTC and talked about the history and legacy of missionary work in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was pretty frantastic. Oh, and Elder Holland also spoke. No big deal. We’re that cool. He spoke about our obligation to honor the history of missionary work that E’ Nelson would speak about. E’ Lundberg sat next to me and said before the meeting started, “I’m so excited for Elder Holland to start yelling at us!” Pretty fitting. Love that Apostle. He didn’t really yell at us, but he did do his signature accusatory pointing more than once =D We actually went stupid early to choir and got really rather decent seats in the auditorium. Most of the missionaries got kicked out of choir (because it was full, not because they sucked) and into overflow. Also, I was assaulted by a rather large, fit Tongan/maybe Hawaiian elder whilst anticipating the opening of the gates. Just pushed me across the walkway and right into the wall. Surprising more than anything. He apologized afterwards and we’re cool. But now I have a bodyguard whenever I need one. Just goes to show, if you act cool as a cucumber after being assaulted, you come out ahead. Don’t try that at home, though.

Another fun fact: we crafted a chessboard out of old cardboard boxes and manilla envelopes (thank you Mom and Dad!) and it’s pretty legit. I suck at chess, and my record so far is 1-2-0. I think that’s how it goes. W-L-T, right? I know SO much about sports, it’s not even funny =P

Spanish is coming along pretty well. I’m fairly certain my companion has surpassed me, but we’re almost even. I just need practice speaking. And also a bit of listening/understanding, especially with accents.

We auditioned for a special musical number today. We had an a cappella quartet, with Harris on lead, Thalman on alto (in alto range, pretty impressive), me on tenor, and Dahlberg on bass. We did well, singing a simply rearranged version of “Lord, I Would Follow Thee.” We hear tomorrow if we made the cut. Sister Nally said we avoided the mistakes that most a cappella groups do, but she’s still apprehensive because the microphones jank the balance up a bit sometimes and she was worried about that. But we made it in the ‘yes’ stack. Woothoot!

That’s about all the news I have today/this week. I’m sure I’m forgetting some cool things, but you’ll all survive. I love you all dearly, and please write!

Elder Pickett

P.S. Elder Trujillo, the one who had $50 stolen from him came out ahead $60 dollars, in case you were worried. The travel office replaced his stolen money plus a little and then an anonymous note left $50 more. Good folk. Everything always works out in the end.

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