Last MTC Week!

09 Feb

Whell, it’s been a sweet last week! We’re going over for dinner, supposedly, at Yolanda’s ‘house’ on Saturday. We’re hoping she’ll actually bring real food for us. I mean, it is our last lesson with her as a mostly complete district. It could happen. She said she’d be making chicharrones for us. I’m stoked!

Remember Gabriel? Well, we taught him our second, and last time on Wednesday. After the lesson (about the Plan of Salvation) he hugged us and thanked us for teaching him. He’s willing to learn, but forgot to read the pamphlet we left him on the Restoration. He’s a really sweet guy. We told him as we were leaving that we wouldn’t be coming back because we were being “transferred” to another area, and his face completely dropped. He said, in English, “Give me another hug!” and hugged us both for a good long while, wishing us luck and success, telling us he loved us… It seriously broke my heart. What an amazing man!

Also, with Gleury, we taught him about listening to and obeying the modern day prophets, and about reading scriptures and praying often. I felt impressed to share my testimony that God loves him, and is even more excited for his baptism than we can imagine. Elder Edwards backed me up, bearing his own testimony. We sat in silence for a moment before he looked up and quietly asked us, “Do you think… He knows me?” My smile was boundless. I told him of course He knows you, and everything that goes on in your life; all your troubles and challenges. He looked at us and smiled, and said, “I know, too.” And he went on to say that his daughter, Gleurisa, had read the Book of Mormon in full and wants to be baptized with her father! We might be teaching the both of them on Saturday! It was incredible!

I wrote in my journal that night how amazing everything was and how much love I had for these investigators–not even real investigators–and for the elders and sisters we had to say goodbye to this week. I didn’t even think it was possible. For the last 2 years, the Lord has been increasing my capacity to love, first at BYU and my family back home, then more with my family when I came back, and now all this here in the MTC. And in the next 2 years, it’s just gonna explode. I can easily see why this is “the best 2 years.” But even with all of this happy feeling and growth, think about how Christ has the same love, and even more, for every single son and daughter on the entire earth. Literally unfathomable. I cannot comprehend it. It’s unreal! But it IS real. And it is a miracle. Blows my mind.

And with that, I bid you all a very fond farewell. I’ll be going now. But I’ll talk to y’all from California next week!!!

Elder Pickett

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