Final Countdown

13 Feb

Surprise! I’m still in UT, but I get to email on my last day.

She didn’t bring any real food.. =(

But it’s my last day!! We’re both really stoked and don’t know quite what to do all the time because we’re the only ones left from our district and we packed everything we could this morning. I don’t really know what much to say, other than my address will be changing. I’m not sure if letters should be sent to the mission home address or the addresses of wherever I may reside. I’ve heard it both ways. But my mission address is as follows:

California Arcadia Mission
170 W. Duarte Rd.
Arcadia, CA 91007

So there’s that. Oh, I remembered something cool. Remember how I said we auditioned for to sing “Lord, I Would Follow Thee” for a special musical number in front of the enitre MTC? Well, she said to wait until Saturday, and if it wasn’t in the mailbox by then, then well… the Church is still true. Come Saturday, and… nothing was there. We were all mildly disappointed, but not too surprised. So we planned to sing it for Sacrament Meeting on our last Sunday (yesterday) instead. Then BOOM! Thalman knocks on my door and shows me the invitation to sing at the Sunday night Devotional!!! WOOHOO!! It was pretty cool, and a sweet troll/psych-out on Sister Nally’s part. We sang our piece and did well, got compliments from the speaker and Bro. and Sis. Nally and Sis. Brown, the wife of the MTC president, and some elders in our zone. It was pretty cool to look out and see all 2000-something missionaries. And to sing for them. And to see Elder Bednar’s Christmas MTC talk again after the devotional. So impressive. It’s called “Character of Christ.” I don’t know how to find it, but you all should. It is truly fantastic.

Other than that, it’s really been same old, same old. It’s gonna suck having to say goodbye to our teachers. We had a little testimony meeting the other day with Hermana De Leon, and she was nigh unto tears, it was adorable! I really love both our teachers. They’re wonderful people. Also, our branch presidency are all bosses. I shall miss them dearly. So many awesome people in the world…

Well, the next time y’all hear from me, I’ll be in California, converting ALL the heathens! But heathens can be really good people, too. I’m sure there are heathens out there better than I am. Gotta love ’em! Also, I’m probably not following the strict definition of heathen. But you get the point.

Be good. Do good. Do well in all things, or at least give it your best effort. Live true to what you know to be right. I don’t care if you have a testimony of the restored Gospel or not, just live true to what you know to be right. Well, I do care, everybody should know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and is on the earth today, and He leads and guides it even at this very moment. But what’s more important is to live it. Live according to the truth that you have, and you’ll keep getting more and more truth until you’re in heaven and hanging out with the one Person who knows it all. This is true. It’s a fact. I know it. Like Nephi says: “And thus it is. Amen.”

Elder Duncan Pickett

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