Time Flies on Wings of Lightning. Forreal.

28 Feb

It seriously seems like I was just here. Man, that’s crazy. We had a SUPER productive week this week, though! We taught a bunch of good lessons, and lots of good feedback from our investigators. I’ve also been progressing rapidly, learning how to do everything, and then learning how to do it the right way.

We had an extra elder this weekend. Well, not really an elder, but he went with us everywhere. His name was Abraham, and he was from Azusa serving a mini-mission. Each day, I started out thinking something like, ‘uuuugh, he is going to be SOOO distracting… we’re not going to get anything done today =P’ but by the end of the day I’d be thinking more like, ‘he’s a good kid.’ Por ejemplo, during studies on saturday he kept talking about the Avengers movie and how excited he was to see it. Also, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. And how he was more of a Marvel fan. We barely got through the Great Apostasy. But later, we gave a tour (which was AWESOME!!! Tours are the stinkin BEST!) and he gave his testimony about his baptism, when he was 10. And yesterday we went tocaring the puertas, so he could get the full experience of missionary work. The first door we knocked went as follows:

E’ Gines: *knock knock knock*
[door opens]
E’ Gines: He–
Man: Heysorrynothanksguys.
[door slams shut]
E’ Gines: …Well, there you go! We said we’d give you the full experience.
Abraham: [laughing] Sweet, my first rejection!
[the tripanionship walks down the street a ways, door opens again]
Man: Hey, guys! [tripanionship turns around] We’re actually watching demons right now! Do you want to come watch with us?

Yup. Apparently we’d knocked into a paranormal research group in the middle of their demon study time. So we went in and proceeded to watch the creepiest, scariest video footage I have ever seen in my life. NOPE. That absolutely did not happen. We passed the offer up and went on our merry way, and made Abraham do a door approach. It made me feel SO much more adequate. Totally what happened my first door approach.

“Hey, how’s it going?”
“Uh, good.”

Elder Gines to the rescue! But the first real contact he made (meaning he got real words out having to do with the Church of Jesus Christ) we got a return appointment with!! Her name is Claudia.

I also ate out for the first time in my mission! We went to Carl’s Jr. (because there are no In-n-Outs in the area…) and it was tastysauce! I lorved it.

I’m getting used to the missionary life quickly. Seeing Abraham, I realized how much progress I’ve made in not even a full 2 weeks. It’s incredible how the Lord qualifies whom He calls. It’s seriously a miracle. I can understand Roselia almost all of the time, and most of the time with pretty much everyone else. I’ve found that the people I still have a hard time understanding are old people with less than all of their teeth. Gift of tongues, what UP? And I’ve learned SO much about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What repentance really is; what having faith entails; how the Atonement works… it’s amazing. If you can, y’all should definitely serve missions. Asi es. Amen.

Love you dearly!

Elder Pickett

Misquote — (2/27/12) Elder Gines: “It’s easy for us to be like, ‘Woohoo! We have a tree!!”

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