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A Fruity Week in the Field

That’s ‘fruity’ as in ‘we finally got to see the fruit of our labors.’ But, on another totally separate and wonderful note, I have eaten a mango almost every day this week. And I didn’t have to pay for ANY OF THEM. Boss. Love it. They were gifts, courtesy of a couple of lovely members. One of whom is the grandmother of Angelica, the girl that we baptized yesterday. Boom diggity! (My companion always says that; he’s a nerd. Which means awesome.) It was so cool! I have pictures, but I apologize profusely! I forgot my cord! I’ll see if I can print some off today and send them home, but that still means they’ll only be on here by next week or so… Sorry!!! Next week for sure. Promise. But forreal, the baptism was awesome. Angelica’s got all the ganas in the world to be a great member of the church. It’s hard cuz her mom just disappeared one day… So we’ve been teaching her along with her little sisters. Which is awesome! They love learning. They all want to participate in every part of the lesson. Instead of having the normal, singular closing prayer, we had 5, haha! They’re the sweetest things. And, thanks to handy-dandy hand signs, they know all of the 10 commandments and the 5 things that we shouldn’t take into our bodies according to the Word of Wisdom (coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs). They’re tiny little bosses! Love ’em.

Also, I don’t know if avocados are technically fruits are not, but they’re freaking tasty, and so cheap it’s stupid. I bought 5 today for a dollar. =D

A note–There is a scripture in the New Testament (shame on me, I should be more specific. It’s somewhere in the 4 Gospels…) that Christ is explaining to the scribes and other wickedfolk a parable, and this is kinda how it goes (in modern, Elder Pickett-speak):

Once there was a dad. He had two sons. One day, the sons were chilling out, maxin’, relaxin’, all cool and playing some CoD. Dad comes in and says, ‘Hey, sons. Will you go do some [nonspecific chorework] for me today?’
The first son says, ‘Sure, Pops. You got it.’
The second son replies, ‘Nah, I’m too busy. I got stuff.’
The first son lies asleep on the couch, not having completed the nonspecific task he said he would.
Guiltstricken, the second son rises to the occasion, seizes the day, and completes the nonspecific task he had previously refused to accompish.
Who is blessed? THE SECOND SON.

Now, that’s in the Bible. In my lifetime, there have been folks who have said, ‘I’ll totally write you!’ and have not. And, today, I recieved a letter from one who told me, ‘No, I’m not going to write you.’ (Which totally made my day and brought a huge smile to my face)Who is more blessed? BOOM. DIGGITY. Parabled! But blessed art the kindfolk who said ‘I shall write’ and have written, as well. I love you dearly. But shame on the folks who are like the first son! Also, I stinkin miss you!! And I’m relatively sure I don’t need to name any names. Y’all know who you are. But, I do love all of you, even if you haven’t written me recently. I just really miss hearing from you.

So, pictures next week, and more news. I hope you liked the parable. I had a sizeable amount of fun writing it. I also hope I haven’t offended anyone by modernizing the teachings of the Savior. But I think I did justice to teaching the same principle. Forgive me if you don’t agree.

The field indeed is white, and not just for those with black nametags! Go get ’em!


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You Win Some, You Learn Some

Well, this week was probably my hardest week. We didn’t get any new investigators… We’d planned to, but quite a large number of citas fell through. And it was weird because the investigators who usually show up weren’t there, but a lot of less actives did who I had never seen there before, and some investigators who hadn’t been to church came, too. Numbers-wise it was a solid week, more or less. But that doesn’t mean it was easy. As a missionary, to have success, you just have to “get up off your keyster, get out… and start doing the work,” and then trust that the Spirit will take you where you need to go. The best policy is just go and do it. You know what you should be doing. So “get up, go out, and fly.” I tell you this more for your benefit, because I’ve learned it time and time again. Before and during my mission. Y’all play a huge part in missionary work too. If the missionaries don’t have the help of the members, they’ll have a LOT less success. You really don’t need to have a nametag to be a missionary. We need your help.

The wedding was really simple and I only got a few pictures because my battery was almost dead when we started… But at least I got some! We’re gonna give them a baptismal date this week sometimes real soon. We still have a few commandments to teach them, but it shouldn’t take too long at all.

So today, with battery recharged, we’re going as a district to Chinatown!! It should be pretty boss. I plan on buying cool stuff for cheap. Elder Brown (Not Geoff. Adrian. He got transferred in.) tells me they’ve got sweet swords from LOTR and Zelda and Final Fantasy. But I don’t want to spend $100+, nor do I need a sword for any purpose whatsoever on my mission. But I need a blanket, and a couple more ties for to look nice in. I’ll probly get a couple cool little doodads and whatnot too, for funsies. But Elder Gines told Elder Heward and I–the noobs–not to get our hopes up too high. So we’ll see. But I’m excited!

Thank you all for the support you give me. I really do appreciate it. But the missionaries in your wards need what you can give them more. Invite a friend over for FHE, or for dinner with the missionaries, or to church, or their kids to an activity. “Just do it.” I’ll appreciate it, the missionaries will appreciate it, the people you invite will appreciate it, the Lord will appreciate it, and He will bless you out of your mind. I love you all, and miss you desperately. But I wouldn’t come back for anything.

Elder Pickett

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Glad Tidings and Good News

Such an awesome week. Roselia (the investigator with the satandog) has decided to get baptized on the 25th of March!! We had a great lesson with her and her mom, and we had the YSA representative and another member there too. We were planning on teaching about service, but she always has questions for us, and we didn’t get to service… but we talked about the need to act instead of being acted upon–one of my favorite principles of the Gospel–and the member we had there bore a boss testimony. The only problem with that was in the middle of it, he said, “I’ve been inactive in the church for a while now.” So that was awesome. But all twas good, she told us afterward that she wanted to tell him that he needed to be going to church, cuz he’d already been baptized. But the Spirit was there in abundance! And now she’s well on her way to being baptized.

Also, we had a lesson just las night that blew all of our minds. Carla y Jafet are a menos activo couple with plans to marry in July. She’s got a testimony and comes to church almost every week, but he works a lot and says he hasn’t yet recieved an answer about the Book of Mormon. So we planned on teaching him about the Plan of Salvation, emphasizing the laws of justice and mercy (because he told us that he thinks some of the commandments are of men and not of God). But they hadn’t read the Book of Mormon, so naturally we read with them. 1 Nefi 12, the history of the latter half of the Book of Mormon, more or less. Then we bore testimony of its truthfulness and Jafet gave a really sweet, sincere closing prayer. Elder Gines asked them how they were feeling, and Carla told us that when we were praying everything was just still, and quiet, and the only thing she could hear was Jafet’s voice, even though the door was open (cuz it was STINKing hot) and there are 2 kids under the age of 6 in the apartment. And Jafet said, “You guys felt that, too?!” GAH! It was awesome! We proceeded to spend the next 45 minutes talking about spiritual experiences we’d had in our lives. We’re gonna go dedicate their house on Wednesday!! Me enCANta la obra misional!

And, to top it all off, an investigator couple is getting MARRIED this friday!!! SO happy! He also said there’s gonna be carne asada there. SO. STINKIN. HAPPY. But we’re planning on having a baptism for Juan on the 18th of March (and hopefully his wife will overcome her doubts about the Virgen…). Buenas noticias all around!

Missionary work is the bomb.

Elder PK

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