You Win Some, You Learn Some

12 Mar

Well, this week was probably my hardest week. We didn’t get any new investigators… We’d planned to, but quite a large number of citas fell through. And it was weird because the investigators who usually show up weren’t there, but a lot of less actives did who I had never seen there before, and some investigators who hadn’t been to church came, too. Numbers-wise it was a solid week, more or less. But that doesn’t mean it was easy. As a missionary, to have success, you just have to “get up off your keyster, get out… and start doing the work,” and then trust that the Spirit will take you where you need to go. The best policy is just go and do it. You know what you should be doing. So “get up, go out, and fly.” I tell you this more for your benefit, because I’ve learned it time and time again. Before and during my mission. Y’all play a huge part in missionary work too. If the missionaries don’t have the help of the members, they’ll have a LOT less success. You really don’t need to have a nametag to be a missionary. We need your help.

The wedding was really simple and I only got a few pictures because my battery was almost dead when we started… But at least I got some! We’re gonna give them a baptismal date this week sometimes real soon. We still have a few commandments to teach them, but it shouldn’t take too long at all.

So today, with battery recharged, we’re going as a district to Chinatown!! It should be pretty boss. I plan on buying cool stuff for cheap. Elder Brown (Not Geoff. Adrian. He got transferred in.) tells me they’ve got sweet swords from LOTR and Zelda and Final Fantasy. But I don’t want to spend $100+, nor do I need a sword for any purpose whatsoever on my mission. But I need a blanket, and a couple more ties for to look nice in. I’ll probly get a couple cool little doodads and whatnot too, for funsies. But Elder Gines told Elder Heward and I–the noobs–not to get our hopes up too high. So we’ll see. But I’m excited!

Thank you all for the support you give me. I really do appreciate it. But the missionaries in your wards need what you can give them more. Invite a friend over for FHE, or for dinner with the missionaries, or to church, or their kids to an activity. “Just do it.” I’ll appreciate it, the missionaries will appreciate it, the people you invite will appreciate it, the Lord will appreciate it, and He will bless you out of your mind. I love you all, and miss you desperately. But I wouldn’t come back for anything.

Elder Pickett

Today’s quotations brought to you by:
Dr. Robert Kelso – (Scrubs)
Captain Hammer – (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog)
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