A Fruity Week in the Field

19 Mar

That’s ‘fruity’ as in ‘we finally got to see the fruit of our labors.’ But, on another totally separate and wonderful note, I have eaten a mango almost every day this week. And I didn’t have to pay for ANY OF THEM. Boss. Love it. They were gifts, courtesy of a couple of lovely members. One of whom is the grandmother of Angelica, the girl that we baptized yesterday. Boom diggity! (My companion always says that; he’s a nerd. Which means awesome.) It was so cool! I have pictures, but I apologize profusely! I forgot my cord! I’ll see if I can print some off today and send them home, but that still means they’ll only be on here by next week or so… Sorry!!! Next week for sure. Promise. But forreal, the baptism was awesome. Angelica’s got all the ganas in the world to be a great member of the church. It’s hard cuz her mom just disappeared one day… So we’ve been teaching her along with her little sisters. Which is awesome! They love learning. They all want to participate in every part of the lesson. Instead of having the normal, singular closing prayer, we had 5, haha! They’re the sweetest things. And, thanks to handy-dandy hand signs, they know all of the 10 commandments and the 5 things that we shouldn’t take into our bodies according to the Word of Wisdom (coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs). They’re tiny little bosses! Love ’em.

Also, I don’t know if avocados are technically fruits are not, but they’re freaking tasty, and so cheap it’s stupid. I bought 5 today for a dollar. =D

A note–There is a scripture in the New Testament (shame on me, I should be more specific. It’s somewhere in the 4 Gospels…) that Christ is explaining to the scribes and other wickedfolk a parable, and this is kinda how it goes (in modern, Elder Pickett-speak):

Once there was a dad. He had two sons. One day, the sons were chilling out, maxin’, relaxin’, all cool and playing some CoD. Dad comes in and says, ‘Hey, sons. Will you go do some [nonspecific chorework] for me today?’
The first son says, ‘Sure, Pops. You got it.’
The second son replies, ‘Nah, I’m too busy. I got stuff.’
The first son lies asleep on the couch, not having completed the nonspecific task he said he would.
Guiltstricken, the second son rises to the occasion, seizes the day, and completes the nonspecific task he had previously refused to accompish.
Who is blessed? THE SECOND SON.

Now, that’s in the Bible. In my lifetime, there have been folks who have said, ‘I’ll totally write you!’ and have not. And, today, I recieved a letter from one who told me, ‘No, I’m not going to write you.’ (Which totally made my day and brought a huge smile to my face)Who is more blessed? BOOM. DIGGITY. Parabled! But blessed art the kindfolk who said ‘I shall write’ and have written, as well. I love you dearly. But shame on the folks who are like the first son! Also, I stinkin miss you!! And I’m relatively sure I don’t need to name any names. Y’all know who you are. But, I do love all of you, even if you haven’t written me recently. I just really miss hearing from you.

So, pictures next week, and more news. I hope you liked the parable. I had a sizeable amount of fun writing it. I also hope I haven’t offended anyone by modernizing the teachings of the Savior. But I think I did justice to teaching the same principle. Forgive me if you don’t agree.

The field indeed is white, and not just for those with black nametags! Go get ’em!


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