Happy Easters!

11 Apr

Yes, I know it was 2 days ago… and yes, I know I’m writing a day late. BUT! I have good reason. And this is it: we went to the temple this morning!! They told us only a little while ago, and we finagled a last-minute ride, and we went super early. And the temple’s closed on Mondays, so we went today. It was AWEsome! The LA temple is HUGE, and way pretty. Shoo, I loved it!

Also, Easter is awesome. I’m glad America is still celebrating religious holidays, even if they cover it in chocolate, rabbits, and eggs. You just have to eat through it all to get to the real meaning. Just like Christ was resurrected, I feel renewed and refreshed–it was a rough week.

A lot of stuff fell through. And I mean a LOT. We’re probably going to have to postpone Juan and Rosa’s baptism because of it because she works a lot. But even if we do have to, they’ll still get baptized. For sure. And then, we contacted this Egytpian vato on the street… UGH. It took me a while to overcome my temporary hatred for Egypt (he was the first Egyptian I ever met. Not a good first impression of the country.). He told me that we weren’t Christian. NOBODY tells me I’m not Christian. I got pretty upset and bore my testimony HARD, right in his face, and told him that Christ leads this church today through a prophet. Gah! It makes me angry just thinking about it. On a lighter note, later that same day, we met Ricky the Baptist. Not as cool as John the Baptist. He started out saying we wouldn’t get anywhere with him, and that Christ led the Baptist Church, and everybody else was wrong. He also told us that we had to use curse words. His reasoning? Because he did. So if Ricky the Baptist commits a sin, apparently everyone else has to as well. News to me. And finally, the missing daughter of Ramona showed up finally!

Like I said, a rough week. But, we’re still going forward with the Work, through the ignorance, the iniquity, and the increasingly blinding sun and blistering heat. Yikes. But, that’s not gonna stop me. I’ve got bigger things to worry about. Gotta go forward, not backward, and on to victory in such a great cause. The Gospel’s true, friends. Don’t you ever forget it.

eldEr PICkett

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