“Except for Indiana Jones”

02 May

I think the Lord wants me to develop patience. The other day, an ex-chollo member called us and asked us to do us a favor. And when I say he was an ex-chollo, I mean he was in pretty deep. But when he found the Gospel he decided it was time to get out of the gang life. But he called us the other day and asked us to deliver some money to his wife. He said he could do it “another way” but he didn’t want to have to do that. So we felt obligated to help him, even though his wife worked out of our zone and we had to get permission to go there. We called the zone leaders, who said they could give us a ride, but then bailed on us right when we needed them. The other car elders couldn’t help either. So we ended up having to bike there. We collected the money from a man named Pete, who he called his “landlord.” I don’t think he was really a landlord… In any case, we set out to deliver said undisclosed amount of money to his wife. Thanks to some recent good advice, I decided not to “turd around” and try and find the positive side of the experience. It was a good workout, and as we rode along busy California streets as fast as we could (we had to get there before 5. Time was getting short.), I hummed the Indiana Jones theme to make it seem more like an adventure, and pretended to be Harrison Ford. In fact there were some dangerous drop offs that took a pretty hefty heap o’ courage to take on, but I did it and I overcame. After a solid length of time, we arrived at the workplace of Oscar’s wife. We entered, but lo and behold, she left early!! Hence, she wasn’t there. Luckily, they happened to have a giant safe that they put it in for her when she came in the next day. Elder Gines was dismayed, but I felt like Harrison Ford. And that’s pretty much the coolest feeling in the world, second only to teaching/learning by the Spirit. So then we biked all the way back. I was still riding the last waves of being Indiana Jones, and I was also pretty proud of my ability to not let myself get frustrated. As I write this, it occurs to me that this might seem a small victory to some of you, my devoted readers. But for me it was triumph over the natural man. And for that, I am grateful.

Don’t stop believing, my friends! I love you much.

Elder PICkett

P.S. The title came from a conversation Elder Gines and I had. We were talking about faith, and how a lot of people just don’t have it. I said, “Well, everybody needs faith, elder.” Elder Gines replied, “Except for Indiana Jones.” I promptly chuckled.

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