Chamacos Awaaaaay!!!

13 May

So transfer calls came in this last weekend. I’m staying in El Monte with Elder Gines!! I’m glad of this. I’ll get to kill my trainer (meaning I’ll be his last companion before he goes home), and thus receive all the stuff he leaves behind. Which is a bonus. But I really just like working with Elder Gines. He’s always looking to do better. I like that.

This Sunday we were super blessed with a triple baptism! Destinie and Desirae are the two little girls, 8 and 9 years old respectively. The older woman is named Patricia; she is the one who came up to us on the street and asked us where the church is and when she could get baptized. It was a marvellous experience. The little girls’ mom has been in a bad way recently, but at the baptism Bishop Ortega told her that he brought her a message from God, and the message was that she needs to get her life in order. After the service, she told us she felt something really special. We’re excited to try and help her come unto Christ.

Also, Mother’s Day is coming up, so that means I get to call home!!!! It’s weird–I don’t feel like I’ve been gone for long at all, but I’ve been away from my family for almost 5 months now… Haven’t seen them or talked to them at all, just by letter and email every week like this. My, how quickly time passes!

So here comes the little error correction portion of the weekly post:
Firstly, one of my recent converts, Roselia, actually found my mission blog! (Hi Roselia! =D) But she pointed out to me that the baptism pictures had been labelled incorrectly. I realized that I had been incredibly vague on my description of the names of the respective baptizees. Angie is the younger girl (11) and Roselia is the young woman (older than 11). The taller one. My bad, Nate. Sorry about that.
Secondly, Tyson isn’t quite so bad anymore. But he did get sick and keep Roselia from church the other week =P
Thirdly, my mom pointed out to me that, in fact, even the great Indiana Jones needed faith. He had to make a leap of faith in order to get to the Holy Grail. (See Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade. I think. My knowledge of wordly entertainment is rapidly becoming more and more outdated and forgotten.) Although I will say in my defense that he cheated a little and threw some sand on the invisible walkway, right? Maybe I’m wrong. In any case, there was a leap of faith.

The scriptures are cool. Don’t believe me? Just read them. They can help solve everyday problems as well as eternal problems, they have cool stories, they tell you what yo should do when you’ve got no clue where to go, and you can even get a good laugh out of them. Who ever said God didn’t have a sense of humor? If abody did, they’re wrong. I love the scriptures!

Choose the right!
Elder PICkett

P.S. “Chamacos” means something like “boys” in english. Elder Parker (my new district leader!) made it up in his last area. The tone of voice that the title is meant to be read is if you were saying something like, “Thundercats HO!”

P.P.S. The other picture: We were chillin in the church with Eduardo, Patricia’s little boy, and he had a Powerpuff Girls book. Elder Lerma (my old zone leader) is on the left, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are below, and Elder Gines is on the far right. I stinking LOVE the Powerpuff Girls. I don’t care what anyone else thinks.

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