Moses Is Back!

15 May

I’ll explain that later. Mother’s day was so cool!! To be honest, I felt like I just left home. It felt weird and a bit apostate to call home, but I figured I should since I wouldn’t get to talk with them for 7 more months, and that’d be quite a while. I got to talk to everyone who was back home, if only for a little bit. Abby’s growing up nicely, becoming a little mom and baking things left and right. Sarah’s being a boss, preparing to get her Patriarchal Blessing, which I’m STOKED about!!! Dad’s got a new job, and Mom’s all happy and, from what I gathered, had a wonderful Mother’s Day. All is well in Pickettland.

Get this: Moses has been reincarnated. He’s a rapper. And doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ. And he’s in El Monte, California. We met him on the street the other day. He told us to give up because no one is going to listen. But he still hasn’t given up, apparently. He told us that spreading the Word by word of mouth isn’t going to work; you’ve got to put a beat behind it. And, lo and behold, he’s sitting at the computer RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!! He sings little phrases every so often. He just sang, “ Mount Zion…” I feel like I’m missing part of the song. Oh well. But man… Moses has changed a LOT since the Old Testament.

Other than that, everything else is pretty normal WAIT. We taught Gospel Principles this week at church. We’re a little skeptic, thinking that the teacher just bailed because it’s a difficult lesson to teach, but it’s okay. It was chapter 47, and it’s about exaltation. Anyone who has the book (Gospel Principles) can read chapter 47 and understand what I mean. But in the end, it all went well. We did have a bit of tension at the end, and one class member publicly announced that he didn’t agree with what the other class members were saying, and that they were wrong… But Elder Gines saved the day and ended the class before anyone got offended. Also, I got to drive a car for the first time in forever today. California driving… You should try it out someday.

The pictures: I figured you guys might like to see the other Elders in my district. I may have already sent this, since that seems like something I should’ve done a long time ago. From left to right we have… Me, Elder Parker (now district leader), Elder Lerma (left to Highland Park), Elder Heward (left to Mexico), Elder Gines, Elder Thompson (zone leader), Elder Bayles (left to Covina), and Elder Brown. The other is of Elder Gines and I looking wistfully off into the distance in hopes of continued success in missionary work as we wait for some less-actives to show up for a lesson.

Love you guys. Your support is legendary. Know that you are in my prayers. Moroni 8:3. (Thanks, Maggs)

Elder PICkett

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