Happy Memorial Day!!

29 May

Well, yesterday anyways. President told us to email today since everything was closed yesterday. But Happy Holiday anyway!

So this week. Wow. Things are picking up, which is good. Elder Gines is prepping to head back home. He’s solid, though. Elder Brown was asking him all kinds of trunky questions on their exchange, and he discovered that nothing can really make him trunky. He’s awesome. I’ll be sad to see him go. But it’ll be a good learning experience for me. I’ve spent my whole mission in one area with the same companion. I’m a little scared for what’s coming next. But it should all go well.

Baby rats we found in the shed

We were able to help the Bishop with some service this week! We were planning on painting the house, but we got there when that was being finished. So I just spraypainted around the stairs and then helped him with the next project: clearing out a MASSIVE patch of weeds. Hidden in there were all kinds of things, like year old coolers (with the food still in them), a couple bed frames, gardening tools, a washer, ninos de la tierra (I think they’re called potato bugs in english. basically they’re enormous ants that bite. hard.), and these little guys. We found these little baby rats among the weeds after cutting them out. The top one was alive and moved every so often, but the bottom was dead. There was a third, but its back was had a little slash through it, and it was gross. The weeds were about 3.5 feet tall, so all of these things could easily be hidden. Also, we (the bishop and I) took it all out with machetes. Apparently they didn’t have lawn mowers in Mexico when he grew up, so he just did it all by machete. And, man… HE is a machine. But I learned how to mow the lawn with a machete! It was cool, and I felt all manly. Which is always nice =)

Other than that, not much to report. Things are going well, but warming up. This week shouldn’t be too bad. 70s-80s. New people to teach popping up out of the woodwork. Learning to love more. And you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to love everyone unless you’ve tried… Some people… But I’m working on it. You’d all be proud of how patient I am now. Little by little, I’m learning new things everyday. Keep us missionaries in your prayers. We need your support.

Elder PICkett

P.S. Elder McDonald, I love you!!

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