Trying Not to Look Like a Camaron

04 Jun

The sun is super strong here in California. I’m hoping my SPF 50 can hold out. I’m already a little bit red, but I’m not too bad yet. I’m just hoping I’ll be in a car area soon so I don’t have to worry about it as much.

Well, I can’t remember anything super cool or macho that happened this week. We had lessons with two hardcore Catholics about the Restoration. One went significantly better than the other, but neither understood that Peter didn’t confer the “keys of the kingdom” that Christ gave him to anyone else before he was killed, and thus ended the authority to do anything in Christ’s name, and thus ended the Church of Jesus Christ. I also learned that Catholics believe that any member of the Catholic Church who has the Holy Ghost in them can perform ordinances for other people, such as baptism. They don’t believe that they need to have the Priesthood authority from God to do it. But it’s kinda understandable if you believe that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all one single Being, instead of the Father and the Son having bodies of flesh and bone as we do. I am just so grateful that I already know for myself which is the true church. It’d be really hard to try and figure it out if I didn’t have anything to help me. Joseph Smith was a boss. But I guess that’s why God chose him to be the prophet of the Restoration and not me. Definitely a good move on His part.

Another cool thing I wanted to tell you all about was Ramona’s family. Remember all those little girls who were baptized? Ramona is their grandma, and her late husband was a member. And my, what a member he was! He fed the homeless in his house on multiple occasions, he was always doing some kind of charity work for someone else, he was always nice to everyone and never got mad… Man. We were teaching Linda, the mom of the little girls, and she was remembering her dad’s funeral. She said when she was at the casket she saw two tears run out of his eyes and she didn’t know what it meant. We didn’t interpret it for her, but we left the house deep in thought. Ramona was baptized a few months ago, before I got here. Then Angie was baptized. Then Desirae and Destinie. Now Linda wants to get baptized. The only one left is Crystal, the oldest. Elder Gines commented about how Ramona’s husband had a huge hand in helping his family find and accept the Gospel. And it all started because the Spirit told a young man to talk to an old lady taking her trash out. What miracles surround us!

I love you all! Keep praying for missionaries all around the world. We need your support!

Elder PICkett

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