The Ultima Week

19 Jun

[Note: Crud, forgot to post last week’s. So here it is a week late!]

So this is Elder Gines’ last week. Sad face. I used to be really worried about being “the Man,” as he likes to call it, in charge of the area and everything. But now I’m a lot more ready for it. Partially due to positive thinking exercises and things like that, but mostly because the Lord kinda forced me to prepare myself. So here’s the story:

Elder Gines gets sick one day while I’m freaking out about having to make all the plans in the area, teaching the area to another elder, and it’s not helping that a lot of the other elders are telling me that I’m probably going to train a new elder once Gines leaves. I am feeling thoroughly underprepared. And the Lord knows me very well, so he inflicts Elder Gines with this sickness. He doesn’t feel too bad at all, he said. He just lost his voice. So that day, and the next, and a bit of the next, I have to do everything. Contacting, teaching, calling people on the phone, etc. And I did it. I won’t say I did everything well, because doing so would be lying, but I did do some things well, and the Lord helped me prove to myself that I could (at the very least) do it. When He leaves you hanging… shoo. That’s one of the scariest feelings in the world. But it’s also when you learn a lot about yourself and your capabilities. There is a stark difference between when the Spirit is with you and when He’s not.

I’ll let you know if I actually am training next week… If so, please pray VERY hard for me, or else some poor elder is going to have a very rough start to his mission.

In other news, things are going well. I had something I wanted to tell you about, but it has since been forgotten. Things are starting to pick up, not only in my area, but in the ones around us as well. We also had stake conference this week. I guess in Spanish work, no one cares how much time they take to speak. The stake president started speaking when the meeting was already supposed to be over. But it was good anyways.

Since this is quickly going nowhere, I’ll just close with a spiritual snack. So I started my mission knowing that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was true and all. Which is a great blessing, really. To know of a surety that something is true, and will be forever is something that too many people lack. But my mission is really converting me. As I bear testimony of things I know to be true, they are confirmed to me as well as to those who are listening, even if they choose not to act on what they’re feeling. As I’ve gone along this journey, a lot of the same things happen, but my attitude about them has changed drastically. No matter what happens, I will always know that the Church that I currently represent is lead by Jesus Christ Himself through a man named Thomas S. Monson, that he holds the keys of the very power of Christ, and that I possess the authority to use said power to help God’s children. I know that Joseph Smith was the man who had the privilege to restore this authority, and that sacrifice truly does bring forth the blessings of heaven. I testify of all of these things, and also that God loves each one of you and knows you personally. He wants to bless you. Don’t deny Him the opportunity; don’t deny yourself the joy He wants to give you. I say all these things in the name of Jesus Christ and as His representative.

Elder Pickett

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