03 Jul

That means ‘yikes’ in Spanish. This week… man. Hijole is the best way to describe it. Elder Bath set up an interview with President, and he went home to take care of a couple of issues there in Mississippi. So that left me without a companion. Man, do I miss him! He was an awesome missionary, and a great guy as well. I’ve asked President to make him my companion when he comes back. But for now I’m working with Elders Parker and Smith. It’d be fine, but they had to move in with me, change everything around, and we have to split the Work between the two areas, and do so justly. So it’s hard. And I don’t think it’ll get any easier. But after it’s all said and done, we’ll probably be better missionaries and better sons of God for it.

So, I’m not training anymore. I don’t know if that means I couldn’t cut it as a trainer, or if it was just one of those times where God was proving to me that He can do whatever He wants, and that I’m more prepared to do it than I think I am. I definitely learned more how to rely on Him, even though it was only for a week and a half. Also, it could have absolutely nothing to do with me at all. But, man… I’m pretty confused. I don’t get how He does things sometimes. Pretty much all the time. I don’t have too much time… we’re running around everywhere trying to do everything we need to.

I can’t say anything more than this: just do what’s right. Live what you know to be right. You have absolutely no excuses. Even if you’re confused as to what exactly is right, just do your best with what you’ve already got, and in time you’ll get more; you’ll figure out what’s wrong and what’s right. And it won’t take too long either. Please. Don’t sell yourself short. If you’re really having trouble finding an answer, just go ask Him. He’s got all the answers. And He loves you. He will answer. I know it.

Elder Duncan Pickett

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