The Times, They Are A Changing

17 Jul

Holla, wonderful people! Another week gone from my precious 2 years of service as a full-time missionary… But not in a trio!! I got my new companion, Elder Austin on Tuesday. He’s AWEsome! He is really hilarious, and knows a ton about the Gospel, and is really spiritually driven. He’s also got a lot of interesting Gospel theories that are fun to think about. And he cleaned up the pad =D It’s beautiful now! Also, he just happens to have been best friends with DJ Hansen (now Elder Hansen), and another of his friends, Seth Nielsen (now Elder Nielsen) was MTC companions with my Elder McDonald!!! Man, what an itty-bitty world. But we’re having a great time, and I’m learning a lot from him. He’s super cool and super ready to work. We have a lot of fun =)

This is Elder Lerma and I looking studly. And yes, I own that suit =)

We had a mission conference this Friday, and got some sweet instruction from our leaders. Elder Hendrickson (AP from Lee’s Summit, friend of Canute Peterson) spoke about how to become a progressing missionary, and how we can’t have real progressing investigators if we’re not progressing ourselves as investigators of the Lord. Recently, a LOT of changes have been thrown at me, and it was really hard to deal with it all. With the exit of each companionship, came difficulty and adjustment, but also a great new companion. Through all of this, I’ve learned how to be able to rely on the Lord, with the help of the Lord Himself (of course), other elders, and my mission mom, to all of whom I am indebted and exceedingly grateful. Now the next step is learning how to rely on Him always. I suspect it will be harder, but I know I’ll be better for it. I won’t be too surprised if they toss me out of El Monte at the end of the transfer… I hope that’s not the case, but hey–Thy will not mine be done, right?

Another part of the mission conference was just having fun. President told us that we need to take a break from the constant worrying about our investigators and just enjoy an evening with the other missionaries. It’s something that Nathan (my bro) has been telling me since I started, and it’s really helped. I think it’ll be easy with Elder Austin to have fun while still fulfilling my purpose as a missionary. I’m looking forward to learning more and running Satan and his angels out of El Monte.

Take care, lovely beings!
Elder PICkett

P.S. I made my own potato chips this morning!! They were actually pretty tasty.

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