Scatter Sunshine All Through the Night

30 Jul

Man, life is grood. We’ve been fed more this week than any other week in my whole life. We’ve been trying to work more through members to find new investigators, and that means food. I may come back chubby, but it’s for a good reason. You’ll all still love me, right? Of course you will; you’ll love me even more!! =D

But I had a crazy random happenstance this week! My supercool abuelito (grandpa) visited me before church yesterday!! He dropped off some avocados and cucumbers. Which were all delicious. So all the elderes in the ward got to meet my grandpa! My family is the best =)

But as far as the work goes, things are going well! We’re teaching a lot of people right now, and we’re going to start teaching a lot more this week, hopefully. There’s an hermana in our ward here who’s a super good missionary. We go over to eat at ehr house every sunday, and she invites everyone who walks by to eat with us, and then she introduces the Gospel to them, as well as introduces us to them. It’s pretty amazing. She’s the best example of member missionary work I’ve seen in my life. We’re blessed to have her here.

The enemy of all righteousness has been hating on me pretty hardcore lately, I’ve noticed. It’s hard to keep an optimistic view sometimes, but Elder Austin is good at talking me down. Or rather talking me up when I do get down. Like today, we’ve got way too much stuff to do: inspect cars as a favor to the office elders, take Elder Austin all the way up to Glendale for a doctor’s appointment, return Elder Bath’s bike, and hopefully I’ll have time to get a haircut, in addition to all the normal stuff that takes too much time as it is. But I was being sassy and instead of sassing me back, like Elder Bayles (the king of Sass) might do, he offered to help if he could and put some sweet jams on in the car and got me dancing. (I can’t resist busting a move to the sweet beat of Popcorn Popping…) And every time I dance, I feel better. It’s weird, and I still can’t dance well at ALL, but I have fun with it. The point is, he lifted my spirits. He’s a great companion. We’re going to make movies together with our friends and make decent amounts of cash, probably end up fighting over some business deal and hating each other for a while only to later reconcile our differences and become even better friends afterwards. But we won’t be business partners anymore. It may end up like an Xavier/Magneto kinda thing. Who knows? But we have a lot of fun together, which makes the time pass even that much more rapidly. I can’t believe it’s been almost 8 months! I’m approaching the completion of an entire third of my mission! How terrible is that?! But we gotta deal with what we’re given. Sometimes we stay up too late talking. Sometimes (I’d say the majority) we talk about Gospely things, but once we talked about our favorite superheroes/villians from each universe (DC/Marvel) and whose power we would want to have most, taking into account all consequences of the power. Speaking of superheroes, I heard about what went down in Colorado…. How terrible. Everyone we meet talks about it. The end is near, friends.

In other news, we met a hobo named Oscar the other day who gave us a tie for a dollar! Literally, we traded him the tie for a dollar–we didn’t buy it from him. It’s a really nice tie, too. Black and white Croft & Barrow. I’m wearing it right now =)

Also, my birthday package has been sitting on the extra desk in the study room staring me down almost this entire week. Cruelty… But it’s cool. I’m oddly more excited for this birthday than any other I’ve had yet, even though I literally can’t celebrate it this year. I’ll probably be eating a lot this week too… Ugh. Oh well. I love the food here!

Take care, and watch yourselves.
Elder PICkett

P.S. I wonder if anyone has noticed that the capitalized letters in my signature each week spell ‘EPIC.’ I think I emphasized it one week… But yeah. That’s why I do that. Bonus points if you already knew it!

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