Take #2

31 Jul

Well, transfers came and went, and I’m still in El Monte!!! By some crazy-random happenstance, I’m going to stay in “Friendly El Monte” for another transfer at least. And I’m going to train! I guess the Lord is giving me a second chance to prove myself. Though there is a large chance that I’ll only do half of the training (which is 2 transfers long) because people hardly ever stay in their first area for more than 3 transfers, let alone 5. The last person to do that was Elder Hendrickson, who just finished his mission with honor as an AP. I wonder if 6 transfers is an unprecedented event in California Arcadia Mission history. But I’ll meet him tomorrow, and send pictures next week, along witht he photos from my last week with Elder Austin, whom I will miss dearly. I’ll also miss Elder Parker… he was crazy hahaha. Good ol’ Virgninians.

This week was filled with a lot more food–I had tamales for the first time yesterday. My GOODness, how delightful! I’m growing a lot (and not just horizontally), and learning much about people and companionships and relationships with investigators. I had a bit of a readjustment of late, to prepare me to train, I think. I’m still figuring out the balance between hard work/focus and enjoying my mission. Because both are necessary. Soem people just treat them as mutually exclusive. Elder Austin taught me a lot about how to find the balance, and for that I am grateful. We did have a lot of fun with my birthday presents that my family sent me. We took some rocking pictures together with Roselia. You will all wait for them next week =D (today was crazy and I don’t have my camera. I hope I know where it is.)

Well, just now there was a medical episode here in the library. A man was doing something with the computer and apparently got mesmerized by the screen. He stood there for a good 30 minutes til the paramedics arrived and gave him some fluids and something in an IV. So now we’re running super late! Yay! But it’s all good. We’re all safe, thank goodness. Yesterday, Elders Smith and Parker got into a bad car accident and totaled the mission car. Both are safe and healthy and uninjured, miraculously, but I’m sure President won’t be too pleased with another totaled car… But everyone’s happy and healthy, just a bit shaken up.

We’re heading into baptisms in August! Get ready for pictures in whites =D

Elder PICkett

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