The Indian Summer Begins…

14 Aug

So these last couple weeks in August is what people call Indian Summer. It’s when everything is beyond hot and all your nice white shirts get completely soaked within your first half-hour of work, especially when you’re riding a bike the whole day. Some global cooling would be pretty bomb right about now.

I finally have pictures! So, one is with me and Spider-Steve-O. I have no idea why he was dressed up as Spiderman, but he’s a crazy little boy, so it’s pretty normal for him. The next is of Stefany’s baptism! And my new trainee, Elder Chandler is the elder with me in that picture. And the third is from my birthday, when Elder Austin (my 2-week comp) and I went over to Roselia’s and had a bit of fun together before she left for vacations in Utah. I know, who’d go on vacation to Utah, right? =D But she’s headed to see the SLC Temple with Gines, so that’ll be totally rad. I miss him…

That was wonderful times there. And, as the cycle of the comsos goes, now comes the time of trials. I never thought I’d have to worry about the judicial system on my mission in the States… But some crazy things have happened with both good and bad results. A drug raid gave us the opportunity to start teaching some people, but the same situation is now impeding their progress. I guess at the end of it all, the biggest lesson I’ve seen from this is that a home raised on Gospel principles has SOOOOO many fewer problems than a home raised on… well anything else, really. And that’s why I’m here. To help families turn around and get on track, and hopefully to help other families avoid problems in the future. It’s far easier to prevent than to change.

But Elder Chandler is from Texas, around the Austin area, I believe. He’s very, VERY straight-laced, a thinker-type, and is having a bit of difficulty adjusting to Latino culture hahaha, but we all have to go through stuff like that at the beginning. We’re working hard in the hot summer sun.

I miss all of you very dearly, and I hope that you are all well.

Elder PICkett

Oh, and sorry I didn’t write last week (this is a P.S.). The elders who take us around places on p-day totaled their car, so we had to do crazy things and didn’t have time to email home… I was quite distraught. But we’re fine, and they have another car now. And no one got hurt. Everyone’s healthy. Elder Smith just can’t drive a mission car again haha

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