Another One Bites The Dust

20 Aug

Elder Thompson leaves tomorrow… He has been with me for my entire mission. He’s the last Elder with that status. I miss him already! He’s the one in the picture that’s not me and not Jesus. He was my “Mommy” in the mission because I technically didn’t have one. (Your mom in the mission is your second companion. I trained, so he was my son instead of my mom.) But I’ve been blessed to have a mother figure other than Elder Thompson (which is Roselia), and she’s been with me my whole mission, too, and will be til September–either I’ll be transferred out or she’s moving to Glendora. Either way, I’ll have to be self-dependent after that. Yikes hahaha.

But this week brought many a happy experience. Roselia came back from her vacation to Utah and brought back a little something for us. She’s so cool! She got to spend some time with (formerly) Elder Gines in the Salt Lake Temple, doing baptisms for the dead there. Super jealous! I miss him… But we’ve been having a lot of success with finding new investigators this week, through member referrals and our own iniciative as well. I actually met my first agnostic Latino the other day! He lives next to Gloria and wanted to know what we believe. Every other Latino adult I’ve met has been quite religious. It’ll be a new and interesting experience to teach someone who doesn’t believe in God. I’m looking forward to it.

It’s been super gratifying to work out in the heat, though. The sweat is nasty, but after about an hour, you’re used to it and you don’t even notice it anymore. But coming back to the air-conditioned pad…. OH, such a good feeling! Hahaha but I really know the Lord has been blessing us for working hard in such nasty weather and circumstances. The other day I commented that this week it seemed like Satan was taking a breather from fighting against us, and God is taking advantage of the opportunity to just flood us with blessings, and most of all with the reassurance that He’s always got our back when we’re being obedient. The Gospel is so true!! I love it!

Oh, and here’s the funny little experience this week: We recieved a referral from HQ this week and we’ve been trying and trying to find him in his house, and we finally did yesterday! He’s from Guatemala and knows a LOT about history. He told us all about Christopher Colombus and why all of Central America is Catholic because of him (and Queen Isabela), as well as the fact that it’s so hard to immigrate nowadays because Jesus was the very first immigrant! Can you believe that? When Joseph and Mary took Joseph to Egypt, that was the very first immigration in the history of the world! So cool! (Just ignore the book of Exodus, which is entirely composed of the immigration of the Israelites out of Egypt) He’s a really funny guy, and I look forward to teaching him.

But the Gospel is true, no matter what a Guatemalan thinks about the colonization of the Americas. Stick to it, and you can’t go wrong. I love you all, and I receive every one of your letters with immense joy!

Elder PICkett

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