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Hey all! So time is slipping through my fingers faster than sand falls out of a broken hourglass, but I’m doing well, forgot my camera, and trying to keep it all under control. After this, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have mad time-management skills. I’ll be so efficient, my work will get done faster and better than warm butter melts on hot toast. And that’s saying something, cuz toast is stinkin amazing.

Yesterday was my first full day in my area haha I’ve been on so many exchanges, it’s not even funny. But one of them was with Elder Dixon, one of the Assistants to the President. That was BOMB. We had such a good time, and I met so many great people and learned a lot about the importance of planning and using time. I also learned a lot about Elder Dixon. He’s supercool! Beautiful day, that one. The young single adults in this church are incredible. Forreal.

We get fed a LOT here, so we’re happy. Also, we’re in a car, so I’m happy. Even though driving here is a nightmare hahaha, but no accidents so far. I think we’ll be okay. Parallel parking is just beyond stupid…. =P

I love you all, and I’ll be better at time management next week, so I’ll write more haha, sorry!!

Elder PICkett

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What the Freak?

Well, I’m no longer in El Monte. They made a bunch of weird changes, and we’re trying to figure out why exactly. But I’m writing from East L.A. now. They’ve called me to be a zone leader. That means I get a car =D

Leaving El Monte was probably one of the hardest experiences of my whole life. There are soooo many people I’ve grown to love there. There were many tears, but I’ll be going back soon, so don’t you worry, El Monte folks! You’ll see me again. I promise. Elder Chandler is gonna do great!

I don’t really know much about the area yet, I just got here today. The wards we cover are Belvedere 2 and Los Robles (which is a singles ward. Woot!). We’re roaming, which means our area is bigger, but we also share the area with other missionaries. So the investigators are kinda on a first come, first serve basis hahaha. Oh, and Elder Coffey is my new companion. And Elders Austin and Parker and Mendoza and Brown and Meiers and Resabala are in our zone, which is gonna be AWEsome!! you don’t know all of them, but I know all of them from before. I know almost everyone except for the trainees here hahaha.

hat’s all for today, guys. Sorry it’s short, but today was weeeeird. Take care, and know that there is someone looking out for you always.

Elder PICkett!

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The Sixth

Well, transfer calls came in on Saturday. And we didn’t get one! I’m still here in El Monte. It’s been crazy, I’ve been on my mission (in the field) for almost seven months, and I’ve only been in this area. It makes me think I’m completely missing what the Lord wants me to do here. But that’s for me to worry about. I’m glad to ba able to finish Elder Chandler’s training, and maybe that’s why I’m still here, who knows? God does. And His ways are definitely higher than my ways, and His thoughts than my thoughts.

Not many words, but some pictures! Anahi was baptized by her husband, Ozzie, and it was such an amazing baptism! It was really amazing to see the whole family together, progressing in the Gospel. Next week and they’ll all be members.

The other pictures are of Elder Nielsen and I, and a beautiful sky last night. My brother Nathan told me that he was jealous of the nature spot down here, and my, it truly is beautiful. And God made it for us. Let’s show Him we’re grateful. And Elder Nielsen departed for Pomona this morning, even though he just arrived one transfer ago. Huge surprise. We were all sad. But he’s amazing.

This week’s been a good one. A little hot, but usually not too bad, and a great weekend. We stumbled into a less-active part-member family, invited them to church, and they came! Most of them. The husband was working. But they’re a great family and I feel blessed to be able to meet them and get to know them in the coming weeks. We also found some old investigators who had disappeared for a while, but are back now and are willing to come back to the Gospel. I pray that they find the strength to do so.

I love you all, and wish you all a happy September 10th! Be the best examples of Christ you can be.

Elder Pickett

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Holidays and Holy Days

Happy belated Labor Day!!! I hope you all had a fantastic day off. I kinda hope you all had a day off. Half the people I know down here still had to work… Sad day. But it’s all good. Work makes you learn things.

There is a fine balance that exists between work and rest. It’s been hard for me to find, and I really still have yet to find it. But little by little, I’m getting there. But I still believe that whether at work or at rest, you should always be having fun!

I’ve noted some pretty sweet changes lately. As we study together from the training program, I notice a ton of little things that are essential, basically the tiny cogs and sprockets that help turn the wheels on the stone cut without hands. That analogy makes little to no sense, but it’s there anyways. And as I’ve worked to improve them and apply these principles, things have really gotten better. We’re still having some of the same problems with the work, but I’m feeling the Spirit more and learning a lot more about myself, the Savior, His Gospel, and His Father. Most of the problems we have left now are just due to a poor use of agency (on the part of other people), which we can do very little about. Gospel study, correctly done, is the best!

Also, random people have been taking pictures of us lately! There was this one guy who stopped in halfway out of the intersection and took like, 100 pictures of us waiting at the stoplight. He wasn’t saying anything, so I smiled and waved, wondering what his intentions were. Turns out he thought we were white supremacists! He had a filthy mouth, though. And on another occasion close by that same spot, a young woman and her friend were outside the fire station. I looked over to see what they were doing, and saw that she had a camera. She looked at me and raised her camera. I smiled and waved. I wanted a Book of Mormon in my hand, but it was in my backpack and we were already late. I felt pretty cool. Maybe I’ll be famous one day!

But that’s not why I’m out here. I felt awesome after the misinformed cameraman drove off. I just feel so good after getting persecuted now! Before when people would utterly reject us, Elder Gines would just laugh. I didn’t understand, and I thought he should be more sad, like me, but now I understand his point of view. Thank goodness the Lord counts me worthy of being persecuted for His sake!

The Church is true.
Elder Pickett

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What Is Wrong With The World Today?

So this week has been different. A lot different. Remember how last week I met my first Latino who didn’t believe in God? Well, this week I met a LOT more. We’re not teaching any more of them, just that one guy. I don’t know what’s going on… It seems that less and less people believe in God now, or better said, more and more people have decided to stop believing in God. And there are always the bratty youth who like to say that “Satan rules!” and such, but they’re young, and they’ll learn. But it’s just hit me recently that what my role is as a missionary is changing, and rapidly. When I started my mission, my job was to help people build on the faith that they already had, to help clarify some erroneous notions and things of that nature. Now, my job is to try and help people find faith. It’s really depressing to see all of these people who have had hard experiences in life abandon God and turn away from the very thing that can help them overcome and leave behind whatever guilt, trauma, pain, hatred, heartache that they have. They just don’t get it. And we try and try and try to explain it to these people, but Satan has them so wrapped up in their own problems that they’re not willing to listen. One man didn’t even allow us to say a prayer for him. Hopefully, God has led us to these people to show me better what it is I need to do, where I should be focused, as well as give them an opportunity to come back to Him.

But at the same time, there are rays of sunshine that break through the mists of darkness–we’ve had multiple occasions where we were in the right place at the right time, and everything fell into place to help these children of our Heavenly Father get back on track. I’ve done a lot of thinking recently (a dangerous past-time, I know), and it’s dawned on me how God must feel about what is going on with His kids. And how Jesus Christ must cringe when He sees someone falter and cede to temptation. How much love They have for each one of us. How incredibly happy They must be when we make a right choice, no matter how small it is. I know with all my heart that every time someone makes a covenant with God, every time someone truly repents, every single time someone, anyone listens to the still, small voice of the Spirit, the heavens rejoice. I know it. And I know it because I’ve felt it. I’ve seen it in the lives of these people here in El Monte. I’ve seen how the Gospel can help anyone overcome every problem, every obstacle, every temptation. And I’ve seen how a lack of Gospel principles, especially in the home, always leads to heartache. Every single time. Not once does it fail. Not one time!

Pray always, that ye may come of conqueror; yea, that ye may conquer Satan, that ye may free yourselves from the hands of those servants who do uphold his work (Doctrine and Covenants 10:5, roughly translated from Spanish). Satan is not lazy. But you always have power over him. Always. You always have the choice to obey God or Satan. There is no middle ground. Perhaps there once was, but all that is done away now. The end is coming. These are the last days. Don’t you dare wait another day. Do what you know you need to do, and do it now. I love you dearly, as do your Heavenly Father and your Savior. I love you so much, and I want to see you all in the Celestial Kingdom. Do what it takes to get there. There are no excuses.


Elder Pickett

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