Holidays and Holy Days

05 Sep

Happy belated Labor Day!!! I hope you all had a fantastic day off. I kinda hope you all had a day off. Half the people I know down here still had to work… Sad day. But it’s all good. Work makes you learn things.

There is a fine balance that exists between work and rest. It’s been hard for me to find, and I really still have yet to find it. But little by little, I’m getting there. But I still believe that whether at work or at rest, you should always be having fun!

I’ve noted some pretty sweet changes lately. As we study together from the training program, I notice a ton of little things that are essential, basically the tiny cogs and sprockets that help turn the wheels on the stone cut without hands. That analogy makes little to no sense, but it’s there anyways. And as I’ve worked to improve them and apply these principles, things have really gotten better. We’re still having some of the same problems with the work, but I’m feeling the Spirit more and learning a lot more about myself, the Savior, His Gospel, and His Father. Most of the problems we have left now are just due to a poor use of agency (on the part of other people), which we can do very little about. Gospel study, correctly done, is the best!

Also, random people have been taking pictures of us lately! There was this one guy who stopped in halfway out of the intersection and took like, 100 pictures of us waiting at the stoplight. He wasn’t saying anything, so I smiled and waved, wondering what his intentions were. Turns out he thought we were white supremacists! He had a filthy mouth, though. And on another occasion close by that same spot, a young woman and her friend were outside the fire station. I looked over to see what they were doing, and saw that she had a camera. She looked at me and raised her camera. I smiled and waved. I wanted a Book of Mormon in my hand, but it was in my backpack and we were already late. I felt pretty cool. Maybe I’ll be famous one day!

But that’s not why I’m out here. I felt awesome after the misinformed cameraman drove off. I just feel so good after getting persecuted now! Before when people would utterly reject us, Elder Gines would just laugh. I didn’t understand, and I thought he should be more sad, like me, but now I understand his point of view. Thank goodness the Lord counts me worthy of being persecuted for His sake!

The Church is true.
Elder Pickett

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