What the Freak?

17 Sep

Well, I’m no longer in El Monte. They made a bunch of weird changes, and we’re trying to figure out why exactly. But I’m writing from East L.A. now. They’ve called me to be a zone leader. That means I get a car =D

Leaving El Monte was probably one of the hardest experiences of my whole life. There are soooo many people I’ve grown to love there. There were many tears, but I’ll be going back soon, so don’t you worry, El Monte folks! You’ll see me again. I promise. Elder Chandler is gonna do great!

I don’t really know much about the area yet, I just got here today. The wards we cover are Belvedere 2 and Los Robles (which is a singles ward. Woot!). We’re roaming, which means our area is bigger, but we also share the area with other missionaries. So the investigators are kinda on a first come, first serve basis hahaha. Oh, and Elder Coffey is my new companion. And Elders Austin and Parker and Mendoza and Brown and Meiers and Resabala are in our zone, which is gonna be AWEsome!! you don’t know all of them, but I know all of them from before. I know almost everyone except for the trainees here hahaha.

hat’s all for today, guys. Sorry it’s short, but today was weeeeird. Take care, and know that there is someone looking out for you always.

Elder PICkett!

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