Generally Awesome Conference! [10/8]

22 Oct

How uplifting! I love conference! It’s truly magnificent. I heard many things that weren’t spoken this weekend. And I noticed that the Prophet and Apostles are all just men. It was weird. Before, I’ve seen them as some kind of superheroes or superhumans. But they’re just normal men that “speak with tongues of angels.” The Holy Ghost speaks with them, testifying of their words, and it gives them power. Incredible.

Pictures, finally! Man, L.A. is beautiful. Every time we visit Saul, we get to see this beautiful view. The only thing is that the skyline is blocked by the hill behind us… Oh well. Also, we tore down a roof. The crowbar was my weapon of choice. Elder Williams and I grabbed the roof, using the crowbar as a hook after the support beams had been taken out, and pulled it down. Also, the first day I got here, there was this opossum in the sink in the laundry room. He was adorable, but gross.

My, do I love being out here! So wonderful, so many good experiences, so much learning! It’s great. I’ll come home a little bit wiser and a little bit older, as well as a lot happier. I love you all and wish you the very best!

Elder Pickett

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