Going to Temple [10/16]

22 Oct

I woke up at 3:45 this morning! I was more awake for this temple trip than the last one. It was a fantastic relief to be able to go into the Lord’s house and escape worry and stress for a while. The only problem is that when you get back, it’s still all there waiting for you haha. But the LA temple is really beautiful. I forgot my camera, so no pictures this time. Sorry!

We had a cool experience this week. Elder Lawrence Corbridge came to tour our mission. It was pretty awesome, he spoke about the MIT, the most important thing. His purpose was to help us simplify and to understand our message. So Elder Coffey and I set to applying the principles, and we had a lesson with an investigator who was involved in all kinds of bad stuff. He was kinda so-so, said he’d live the commandments, but would return to tell us he slipped up. But after the mission tour, we sat down with him and he told us that he was “done wasting our time” and that he’s really gonna commit himself to being a Mormon. He changed completely! People say you don’t change overnight, but I beg to differ. I saw it in him. The Spirit and power of God are incredible.

Also, I guess Elder Corbridge worte this book called ‘The 4th Missionary’? If someone could send it to me, that’d be a cool present. But I finally got some music of my own today at the Distribution Center! I’m excited. But I lost my oil container (like the metal thingy) and the distribution center didn’t have any!! I don’t know where to buy one… I may have left one at home in an easter basket of random stuff in my old room, the pink one. If Sarah or someone could find that and send it my way, I’d be grateful. If she can’t I’d appreciate another one hahaha. But for now, I guess I’ll just be sealing all the blessings, and my companion will do all the anointing.

Not much time today, family and friends, but sit tight knowing I love you dearly and miss you fondly. Also, LA is beautiful. I’m up for visiting it with anyone after I’m back =)

Elder Pickett

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