The Calm… [10/1]

22 Oct

Things are getting a little bit less hectic now. Or maybe I’m just getting used to it. Whichever the case, it’s lovely. My time-management skills are actually getting better. They’re not perfect, but they’re improving. I’m becoming more awesome day by day! Hahahaha just kidding. But I feel less like I’ve just been thrown around and more comfortable in the area. Me gusta.

So this week in Elder’s Quorum in the singles ward I’m serving in, we watched part of a CES devotional by Jeffrey R. Holland called ‘Israel, Israel God is Calling.’ Man, it was intense. He talks about how to establish Zion in the 21st century, and he talks about a basketball game where there was an intense heckling from the crowd. Apparently, there was a somewhat public call to repentance and one fan essentially said, “It’s basketball, not sunday school. We can act how we want here; we paid good money for these tickets. We check our religion at the door.” Then Elder Holland raised his voice and did his signature finger-point and reprimanded those who ‘check their religion at the door.’ At any door. Whether we like it or not, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ, we are witnesses of Him in ALL times, in ALL things, and in ALL places. We NEVER check our religion at the door. If we want to establish Zion, the Lord’s community, we cannot check our religion for any reason. We’ve got to be our religion, wear it on our sleeves. And I love how Elder Holland instructs us to do so. We can’t be hypocrites about it. My brother taught me this not too long ago. In his reprimand of the nameless fan, he mentioned that he had to be very careful, as do we, that he does not do the very thing for which he was calling the fan out for. He couldn’t get angry and lay hands upon him, no matter how much he wanted to. Man, check out that talk.

I’ve been meeting loads of people, meeting more than teaching, actually… But it’s great! There are some great kids in the singles ward here, many with desires to serve missions. I think in our ward there are actually more girls than guys preparing to serve soon. They’re already doing a great job here in East L.A., and I know they’ll be great out wherever they’re called.

No crazy-cool experiences are coming to my mind in this moment, sorry. But miracles are happening all around us, and they’re happening all around you, too. The Lord loves you and He’s got your back always.

With much love,
Elder Pickett

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