Transfer #007 [10/22]

22 Oct

The ads for Skyfall look cool. All of my ads come from the sides of buses, bus stops, and billboards. But really, I just needed a title.

Happy birthday Chris!!! =D I hope it was filled with happyness and family time. If you would like any mexi-american item, I can probably find it somewhere, unless it’s obscure and random.

Also, happy super-belated anniversary Nathan and Katie!!! I’ve been trying to remember to say that forever, and I even wrote it down in my planner, but I forgot my planner that week… I hope you spent it lovely.

Transfers came and I’m staying here with Elder Coffey! Our whole zone looks like it’s about to explode. We’ve got 4 trainees coming in, a new area opening up, and one elder finishing up his training (by Elder Austin!!). I have some sweet pictures to send, but I grabbed the wrong camera cord…. My bad. Next week! All I have to say is that L.A. is really pretty. In many different ways.

Shoot! I forgot to bring Abby’s letter to add her email to the list. Could someone please forward this to her? I’ll have it next week. Speaking of letters, I love them. I epsecially love letters from my little sisters. They’re my favorites! I got 2 this week, as well as a letter from Elder Gines!! Abby looks sooooo much older! And her hair is waaaay long! And redder =) She must be becoming cooler. Hahahaha well, I must go to wash my clothings! Be well, saints of Zion, as well as future saints-to-be! My love to all of you,

Elder Pickett

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