Humility = Delicious [10/29]

29 Oct
I’ve been taking a look back at all kinds of stuff lately. I’ve seen a lot of progress in our zone, in our companionship, in our wards, in myself. Of course, I’m not perfect… But I sure could do a lot better. The fact that I have a terrible memory has been impressed upon me lately. So does my companion. Collectively, we forget nearly everything and remember almost half of everything. It’s interesting. I bought a whiteboard so we can be organized, we have like, 3 binders to hold all of the necessary documents and records we need at all times. It’s incredible. I need to trust more in the promise that the Holy Ghost will bring all things to my remembrance.
But humility. Yeah. In Priesthood meeting yesterday, Willy said some awesome things. This one is my favorite: “We don’t care about who is right or wrong, we simply care about what is right.” It blew my mind. I’ve been trying to prove myself right instead of presenting the truth. The cool thing is that because it’s the truth, it can defend itself. Or it doesn’t need to be defended because no matter what, it’s true. My point is, that getting defensive is always bad. When you have something that is true, you don’t need to fear. You don’t need to worry. You simply need to know it’s true. If you know that, and live like you know it, you’re set. I thought to myself, ‘What is a real Mormon?’ And the answer that I came up with was this: ‘An honest seeker and follower of truth.’ It was pretty rad. And by “real Mormon” I mean what every disciple of Jesus Christ should be striving to become. Just to clarify. Also, he said this in the context of a class about being a loyal citizen. Just food for thought for you voters. Vote according to the truth you know.
Some pictures for you guys! Elder Alvarenga is the one with the camera, Elder Brown is the one with the funny face, and the LA skyline is really pretty. And I think the placement of the palm tree was near perfect. Love it!
Elder Pickett
Oh, my bad. I put the wrong picture on. Elder Alvarenga doesn’t have a camera in this one. But he’s the Salvadoreno.
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