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El Dia de Pavo (Turkey Day) [11/26]

Thanksgiving was good. We had 2 turkeys, ham, cheesy potatoes and mashed potatoes, vegetables (and yes, mom I did eat some), gravy, pineapple upside-down cake, fruit tart, pumpkin pie, horchata and lemonade. There was also some crab there, but it looked scary so I didn’t eat it. Man, was it delicious!! The lovely Rosales family shared their home with us, and we felt very comfortable and really at home away from home. ‘Twas magnificent!
That morning, we also played soccer against another ward in our zone. This game is an annual thing, and whoever wins gets to keep the giant trophy in the Bishop’s office all year long. They’ve beaten us for the last 2 years running, but this time we beat them 4-2! My companion, Elder Coffey made the final goal. And one of the points scored against us was scored by a member of our own team hahaha. And our goaly was a superstar!! Guess who it was? Remember the last email about the huge family getting baptized? It was the dad of that family! Man, he was on fire!! It was beautiful how he played. It was a lot of fun, and we got some investigators there, and they helped us out a lot. It was a bomb experience. Boy, do Latinos love their soccer!
Things are really picking up, Work-wise, in our area as well as around the zone. Be ready for some baptismal pictures! We’ve got a couple of friends making their way towards baptism, and we’re stoked for them.
Just one final thought to close: the power of a righteous woman is incredible. It can change the heart of the most wicked of men in an instant. Changes that have been in the works for years can suddenly be made in days. Choose well whom you will marry, for it will largely determine your eternal fate.
I love and miss you all!
Elder Pickett
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The Waters of East Los Angeles [11/19]

So the Sunday before last was super cool. Elders Flores and Blanchard, who are studs, had one baptism planned. President Becerra came to interview the investigators they had been waiting on for a long time, the ones who had the baby recently. (By the way, I was fooled with the rest of them all. He was just making a joke. They only had one little baby girl. But it’s still wonderful!) So President interviewed all of them, and told us after he was done that they were going to get baptized that day. All of us freaked out! It was crazy.
So at 7 p.m. that night, we arrived at the stake center, and only the ward mission leader and his wife were there in the room. We were worried. After the standard 10 minutes or so that the entire Latino world waits until they actually show up, the room was full. The service was beautiful, and it was incredible to see a literal crowd of people, even though it was small, waiting to enter into the waters of baptism and be washed clean of all of their past sins and start their lives over as members of the Church of Jesus Christ. The Spirit was powerful that night.
Then, this Sunday, when they were all to be confirmed, their car battery was dead. Sacrament meeting had already started and we had pretty much given up all hope that they would be able to come and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost this week. Meanwhile, these faithful recent converts thought to pray. They offered a quick family prayer, turned the key in the ignition and the car started up. They were confirmed immediately after the Sacrament was passed. Another miracle. And an interesting little tidbit: the theme of Sacrament meeting? Family prayer. How marvellous and mysterious are the ways of God!
I am so grateful for the help of the Lord in his Work. We can’t do anything without it. Elders Blanchard and Flores get that, and that’s why they wrought miracles. The Work is real.
Elder Pickett
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TUESDAY! [11/13]

The libraries were closed yesterday, so we’re emailing today, but we drove some other elders to a meeting and it ran late, so we’re running late and still have things to do. I guess I’ll plop a picture on here for you to make up for the lack of words. We did service for this old, sweet hermana the other week and found all of this stuff in her house. We arranged the bear to become awesome. She had, like, 50 years of stuff to pack up and move out–she was being evicted. We went by for 3 days straight trying to help her, and the hermanos in the ward went over at night to move it all to the new place with their trucks and such. Man, it was a lot of work! But I felt good helping someone out with something they couldn’t do themselves.
Things are going well and busy! Don’t worry about me out here. Hopefully I’ll be able to relate a sweet story next week. OHMYGOSH, it was like the waters of Mormon in Belvedere 2 this sunday. There was literally a line of people to be baptized! Goodness, it was incredible. I’ll tell you more about it next week, sorry!!!
Love you mucho!
Elder Pickett
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Families. [11/05]

This week… Hmm… Remember last week when I said I have a terrible memory? Yeah, I barely remember anything that happened this week. I suppose that’s the importance of a journal! But this week there was a family that was supposed to get baptized into our ward, but didn’t… Guess why? THEY WERE HAVING TWINS!!! If I’m correct, they were a family of 8. We were all just expecting them to be 9, but now there’s 10 in that family! And they’re super awesome, too. An amazing addition to the Kingdom of God on the earth today! Seriously, families is where missionary work explodes. It’s harder because you have to keep everyone involved, especially with the language barrier; the kids don’t like spanish and the parents don’t speak english. But it’s so worth it! Families are amazing. I am convinced that we don’t appreciate our own families nearly enough as we should. I feel I can say that because I honestly believe that we can’t comprehend just how important our families truly are. Families are intended to be eternal, and we should treat them as such. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible the family unit is. But I will say that I’m grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission, if only for that fact that I’ve realized the importance of family, my own family in particular. I’ve gotten a lot closer to my little sisters, especially. My siblings letters are my absolute favorites! But I do love all the rest of them as well, of course. The Gospel is so cool!! Go help someone be baptized today! =)
Elder Pickett
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