Families. [11/05]

05 Nov
This week… Hmm… Remember last week when I said I have a terrible memory? Yeah, I barely remember anything that happened this week. I suppose that’s the importance of a journal! But this week there was a family that was supposed to get baptized into our ward, but didn’t… Guess why? THEY WERE HAVING TWINS!!! If I’m correct, they were a family of 8. We were all just expecting them to be 9, but now there’s 10 in that family! And they’re super awesome, too. An amazing addition to the Kingdom of God on the earth today! Seriously, families is where missionary work explodes. It’s harder because you have to keep everyone involved, especially with the language barrier; the kids don’t like spanish and the parents don’t speak english. But it’s so worth it! Families are amazing. I am convinced that we don’t appreciate our own families nearly enough as we should. I feel I can say that because I honestly believe that we can’t comprehend just how important our families truly are. Families are intended to be eternal, and we should treat them as such. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible the family unit is. But I will say that I’m grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission, if only for that fact that I’ve realized the importance of family, my own family in particular. I’ve gotten a lot closer to my little sisters, especially. My siblings letters are my absolute favorites! But I do love all the rest of them as well, of course. The Gospel is so cool!! Go help someone be baptized today! =)
Elder Pickett
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