TUESDAY! [11/13]

13 Nov
The libraries were closed yesterday, so we’re emailing today, but we drove some other elders to a meeting and it ran late, so we’re running late and still have things to do. I guess I’ll plop a picture on here for you to make up for the lack of words. We did service for this old, sweet hermana the other week and found all of this stuff in her house. We arranged the bear to become awesome. She had, like, 50 years of stuff to pack up and move out–she was being evicted. We went by for 3 days straight trying to help her, and the hermanos in the ward went over at night to move it all to the new place with their trucks and such. Man, it was a lot of work! But I felt good helping someone out with something they couldn’t do themselves.
Things are going well and busy! Don’t worry about me out here. Hopefully I’ll be able to relate a sweet story next week. OHMYGOSH, it was like the waters of Mormon in Belvedere 2 this sunday. There was literally a line of people to be baptized! Goodness, it was incredible. I’ll tell you more about it next week, sorry!!!
Love you mucho!
Elder Pickett
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