The Waters of East Los Angeles [11/19]

19 Nov
So the Sunday before last was super cool. Elders Flores and Blanchard, who are studs, had one baptism planned. President Becerra came to interview the investigators they had been waiting on for a long time, the ones who had the baby recently. (By the way, I was fooled with the rest of them all. He was just making a joke. They only had one little baby girl. But it’s still wonderful!) So President interviewed all of them, and told us after he was done that they were going to get baptized that day. All of us freaked out! It was crazy.
So at 7 p.m. that night, we arrived at the stake center, and only the ward mission leader and his wife were there in the room. We were worried. After the standard 10 minutes or so that the entire Latino world waits until they actually show up, the room was full. The service was beautiful, and it was incredible to see a literal crowd of people, even though it was small, waiting to enter into the waters of baptism and be washed clean of all of their past sins and start their lives over as members of the Church of Jesus Christ. The Spirit was powerful that night.
Then, this Sunday, when they were all to be confirmed, their car battery was dead. Sacrament meeting had already started and we had pretty much given up all hope that they would be able to come and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost this week. Meanwhile, these faithful recent converts thought to pray. They offered a quick family prayer, turned the key in the ignition and the car started up. They were confirmed immediately after the Sacrament was passed. Another miracle. And an interesting little tidbit: the theme of Sacrament meeting? Family prayer. How marvellous and mysterious are the ways of God!
I am so grateful for the help of the Lord in his Work. We can’t do anything without it. Elders Blanchard and Flores get that, and that’s why they wrought miracles. The Work is real.
Elder Pickett
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