Halftime! [12/10]

10 Dec
So this Friday, I hit my year mark. They’re throwing a party for us! But they’re disguising it under a Christmas theme so the other missionaries don’t feel bad.
Fletcher ward is pretty cool. The members are pretty spanglish, and the bishop is a stud. They LOVE feeding us. We have a meal everyday, sometimes two. I fear for what will happen on Christmas. I’m up in the Glendale area now, and I met my first Armenians the other day. They cut in front of me in line at the post office when I was trying to send a package to my little sister. It’s a totally different feel over here, but it’s good. They just put sister missionaries in the ward, too, so all of the members are freaking out and forgetting about us. Haha, but I’ve met a couple of super cool families and people, and a part-member family is gonna teach us to make fish pupusas soon because he had a dream about it. It’s pretty cool hanging around a bunch of Mannassehnites.
My first Sunday here, we had 4 confirmations in our area, a cool family with 4 kids. The littlest girl, Angie, is stinkin adorable! I love little kids! Probably because they’re all tiny celestial kingdom candidates. But I’m getting a little sick, got a runny nose and a sore neck. But it’s all good. My companion is hilarious, and we have loads of fun together. He’s from Alpine, Utah, and he actually knows my MTC companion! Also, he got a wedding invitation in June or so from the fiancee of Hermano Wilkes, my MTC teacher!!! Super small world! But I’m excited for everything here. We’ve got two parties coming up, so that’ll be fun.
Love everyone,
Elder Pickett
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