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This week was AWESOME, but I don’t have time to tell you about it. Hahahahaha I LOVE being a missionary, but there’s not enough time! I can’t believe I’m losing a week =( but I’m grateful for what I got. Live the Gospel, cuz it’s true!
Elder Pickett
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A New Dawn, A New Day

Week 2 of historic transfer! Our sisteres got their visas and are headed to Spain tomorrow. So that’s cool. Word on the street is that they’re gonna send in new sisteres next week, but I’m kinda thinkin the APs just told them that so they’d feel better. In any case, we went from 8 missionaries to 4 elders in 2 weeks. It’s a little crazy, and a load on Elder Chandler, our district leader, having the split up the work and accomodate everything.
In other news, one of our elders got hit by a car the other day! But, looking on the bright side of things, the guy talked to the missionaries afterwards and he said he grew up in a mixed-religion home, and was really looking for the truth. Coincidence? I think not, sir! But he speaks english, so the english elders are taking care of it. Oh, and the elder is fine, by the way. His knees are just a little banged up and his preexisting back condition is probably worse now.
We’ve been sending a lot of referrals to other areas lately. It used to bug me, but now I’m getting into this whole ‘spirit of unity’ thing. It’s pretty sweet. I feel happier here, I feel like we’re still doing our part, and I really feel like my faith is picking up. I love it! Hopefully the other missionaries will do the same for us in the future! Also, California’s looking more beautiful every day. I’m excited to be her now, and to come back and just chill in the shade, climb some cool mountains, and even go to the beach! =D But that’s for later, so I’ll file it away in my memory banks for next year.
It’s a great and marvellous work, this one!
Elder Pickett
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Number Nine

Transfers came!! Nothing much really happened in our zone. One of the sisters in another district left, her companion is training, our district leader just moved south a district, but still in our zone. The only difference in our ward was that we combined 2 areas, which means we lost 2 elders. Elder Mostert, the little stud, went to go be a zone leader in El Monte!!! And it’s only his 4th transfer! The youngest I’ve ever heard of. I was sad to see him leave our zone, but I’m stoked for him. My mission son, Elder Chandler is now my district leader as well! But we didn’t get any new missionaries in our ward. The sister visa-waiters are still with us.
And so begins the historic 5-week transfer! Because of the immense load of new missionaries coming into the field, this transfer has been cut short one week (meaning that all missionaries lose a week of their mission… =P). We’ll see the first batch of youngsters roll in at the end of this transfer, so they say. It’s a historic moment in church history, and I’m glad to be a part of it. I’ll just have to make up that lost week somehow.
I’ve been learning a lot lately. A lot about myself and how I want to become. Kinda like a mid-mission-life crisis haha. My dad has told me since the beginning of my mission to take the good habits my trainer left me and then just get better from there. I never realized how hard that’d be. We’ve been thinking lately about mission history and how the older missionaries remember the “Greats,” like Hendrickson and Christiansen and Ballantyne, etc. (some of whom I don’t know) and how we don’t really see many greats right now. We wondered what happened, if we’re just not as good as they were, if there was just a group of missionaries that had something we don’t, maybe we are the current Greats, or maybe we just all heard these legends that left out details, and now that we know all the missionaries’ stories and know the good and the bad… To be honest, we never really came to a conclusion. But we can definitely see the Greats-to-be, like Elder Mostert. Hopefully one day people will talk about me as one of the ancient greats, but I’ve gotta work hard enough to ge there first. Sure, it might seem a little selfish, but who doesn’t want to be remembered in a good light?
This week, the chapel was full. We even opened up the back and set up chairs! It was a great feeling, seeing so many people there at church. The past couple weeks have been pretty rough, and all of us have been working more with less-actives lately. After feeling like we’re not having much success, it was a sweet peace to see so many families come back to church after having been gone for so long, and feel once again the Spirit of the Lord in their lives. It was a phenomenal sacrament meeting, a wonderful spiritual experience.
Be well, make good choices, and always remember who you want to be!
Elder Pickett
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The Covenant

Interesting week this week. Slow, but not without miracles and life-changing experiences. We went to the temple Wednesday morning, and I learned more that day than I think I’ve learned about the gospel my entire life. The importance of covenants was really stressed upon me. They’re a serious business, and not to be taken lightly. In a way, ignorance is bliss, but with the same token, knowledge is power and you cannot be saved in ignorance. While what Uncle Ben (Ben Parker, that is, not the rice guy) said may be true, I think it’s more true to say, “With great understanding comes great responsibility.” Knowledge would work, perhaps, but understanding is what really holds us accountable. And since power is more or less derived from knowledge and understanding and covenants (and here we see what the Marvel universe lacks), the original statement still holds true.
I feel I must include here a word of caution to certain of my dear friends: Be well prepared for what you commit to, specifically and especially as it pertains to the gospel. By this I mean not scriptural knowledge, nor the gift of tongues, nor anything of the sort. All those things are good, but you must have the mentality of ‘put your shoulder to the wheel and never look back.’ It’s great that younger folks can go on missions now, and I’m excited to see the great results and miracles that come from it. But serving a mission is not a decision to make in the excitement of the moment. It is the most trying thing I’ve ever done. I doubt that it won’t be the most rewarding thing if I can overcome the trials. Now, if you sincerely feel you should serve, and that this is your time, then by all means, serve with all your heart, might, mind, and strength. The Lord accepts nothing less. He has a plan for each of us, and it’s up to us if we want to follow that plan and end up happy, or make our own and meet a different fate. Know that I love you all, and I’m happy for your desires and willingness to sacrifice. Pray always that ye may come off conqueror, and be very careful to listen to the still, small voice that whispers the mysteries of God to you.
Be wise, oh what can I say more? ~Jacob.
Elder Pickett
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