A New Dawn, A New Day

22 Jan
Week 2 of historic transfer! Our sisteres got their visas and are headed to Spain tomorrow. So that’s cool. Word on the street is that they’re gonna send in new sisteres next week, but I’m kinda thinkin the APs just told them that so they’d feel better. In any case, we went from 8 missionaries to 4 elders in 2 weeks. It’s a little crazy, and a load on Elder Chandler, our district leader, having the split up the work and accomodate everything.
In other news, one of our elders got hit by a car the other day! But, looking on the bright side of things, the guy talked to the missionaries afterwards and he said he grew up in a mixed-religion home, and was really looking for the truth. Coincidence? I think not, sir! But he speaks english, so the english elders are taking care of it. Oh, and the elder is fine, by the way. His knees are just a little banged up and his preexisting back condition is probably worse now.
We’ve been sending a lot of referrals to other areas lately. It used to bug me, but now I’m getting into this whole ‘spirit of unity’ thing. It’s pretty sweet. I feel happier here, I feel like we’re still doing our part, and I really feel like my faith is picking up. I love it! Hopefully the other missionaries will do the same for us in the future! Also, California’s looking more beautiful every day. I’m excited to be her now, and to come back and just chill in the shade, climb some cool mountains, and even go to the beach! =D But that’s for later, so I’ll file it away in my memory banks for next year.
It’s a great and marvellous work, this one!
Elder Pickett
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