04 Feb
Sorry about last week!! I didn’t have the library card info (missionaries just share library card info instead of actually getting their own) and so I was short on time. But last week and this week were awesome! We met loads of new people and learned the simple lesson that if you work hard and smart, you see results. Because even if you work super hard for something that has no value, or you just work hard for the sake of working hard, you become exhausted and you hate what you’re doing. Hence, negative spiral vortex of doom. on the other side of the coin, if you work smart without working hard, you also lack results. You might not be quite as exhausted, you might not hate what you’re doing, but in the end you’re wasting your time because you still miss out on the blessings.
There’s a principle my mission president has taught us, that (as it applies to missionary work) 1+1 should equal 3. There is me and my companion, and if we’re doing what we’re supposed to, then the Holy Ghost makes 3. But we have to be going in the same direction, unified, to be able to have the Holy Ghost be our third wheel on the Gospel tricycle. And you better believe he’s the front wheel, guiding us. We’ve found so many new investigators, half of them in the same apartment complex, the zone is picking up and baptizing, and the land that was once thought cursed had a baptism this week, another on Valentine’s Day, and another the following Sunday. I’ve been learning a lot, and I think changing a lot, too. I’m definitely not the same person I was when I left good ol’ Minnesota. It’s stinking great!
We visited the stake center yesterday to practice our special musical number for stake conference, which is the chapel of my last area. As we sang, people from my old wards walked by the windows and it was a delightful surprise to see how many people I remembered and missed even though I was there for so short a time. Ali and Billy G. are now married and he’s on the High Council, Hno. Rodriguez is in the Young Mens Presidency, Hno. Carvajal is still weird and funny and remembers me… It was comforting.
Things are going well out here. The only downside is that it hit me the other day how old I am in the mission. Sister Thayne, who came in with me, is leaving in 3 transfers, and January went by soooo fast! Oh, and I gave myself a haircut and it’s not super great. I guess that’s bad, too, but I’ll live hahaha! I hope everything is going equally well for y’all wherever you’re at and you’re having fun and keeping the commandments!
Elder Pickett
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