Every New Beginning…

11 Feb
As the historic 5-week transfer draws to a close, I reflect on the happenings of my mission and begin to realize how far I’ve come. I can see changes beginning in me, permanent changes that I know, even now, will change my life forever. Old things have passed away, and all things have become new. It’s interesting to note that I often find myself at the same point as my investigators. As I talk with them and listen to them, observe them and pray with them, I see parts of myself from an outside perspective, parts that I never even knew existed. I see the world more for what it is than what I perceive it to be. The scales that have covered my eyes are beginning to fall away.
Stake Conference was this week, and an elder fo the 70 came and spoke to us. He spoke about the gathering of the house of Israel, and about its importance as missionary work. Jut this morning, I read in 3 Nephi, chapters 16 and 17, and read the words of the Father (through His Son) speak to me about the very same topic, and how the purpose of the Book of Mormon is to gather the lost sheep, and in His infinite mercy, has allowed me, a gentile, not only to participate, but to partake of those same promised blessings through the covenant made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. How blessed are we!
Take a moment this week and remember the ways that God has manifest His mercy to you, and read the Book of Mormon. I promise that if you do so in faith, that you will receive of His Spirit and will know that the Book of Mormon is true. Ask and ye shall receive.
Elder Pickett
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