Double Digits…

19 Feb
With the advent of the 10th transfer cycle of my mission, I receive a new companion, my old zone leader in El Monte, Elder Garcia, and say goodbye to Elder Crossley, who I will probably never see again until after the mission…
I should have pictures coming soon… We’ll be heading to the temple sometime soon, because we realized that there they will feel the Spirit stronger than anywhere else they’ve been in there lives, and it’ll help them a lot to progress. Elder Garcia has already done it a lot in his last area, so he knows the ropes and how to make it a magnificent experience.
This week’s miracle: we found out that 2 of our investigator families are related! And one goes to church every week (except one, they got lost), and now a door is opened for the other family to come to church and feel the Spirit! And that’s what people need most nowadays: the Spirit. And they need it badly. There’s a stark lack of it in the world today. But that’s why we’re here and nearly 70,000 strong (or thereabout) helping people out, one family at a time.
Love you all, and happy President’s Day!
Elder Pickett
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