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La Mera Pascua

Howdy, friends and family! I felt the necessity to speak of Easter today, seeing as it is approaching rapidly. I’m not sure whether it’s this sunday or the next, but I do know that there’s a easter event in spanish! I don’t know about if they’re doing it in english or not, nor is it working on these computers in spanish! But that’s what happens when you have to use internet explorer. First though, I couldn’t write yesterday because apparently it was Cesar Chavez’ birthday, and the libraries around here closed down. Sorry! Now, on to Easter.
This has become the coolest holiday EVER to me. Christmas is up there, too, being a religious Christian holiday. Not many of us white folks freak out about Easter, though. They have an egg hunt, the easter bunny, and paint eggs, but the real reason it actually exists makes it the most important holiday ever invented. Here in Latinoland, they make a way bigger deal out here. But not big enough. They have their traditions, the holy week, and talk a lot about His death. We, as Latter-Day Saints, celebrate Easter in remembrance of Christ’s resurrection. I’m not sure about the rest of the Christian world, but that’s why we do it. What better reason to celebrate than the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Setting aside a time to remember the moment when Christ finalized the eternal triumph over death and hell and Satan. With the resurrection completed, physical death was conquered, making the Atonement complete and perfect. In that moment, Christ and all His true disciples won the victory. No matter what Satan and all his angels may do, we, the believers, can rest assured that we will win the crown of victory. With the Atonement made whole, we now have the grand opportunity to repent, to change, to be made clean, to be redeemed, saved, rescued. Because of the Atonement, there is something to have faith in, something real that can give us hope, there is a purpose in this life. Can you hear these things without rejoicing? This is what it’s all about, folks. What greater reason is there to celebrate? I answer that there is none, nor can there be any.
Share this with everyone. Help them remember what Easter means, and find out what it really means for you. And then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Because in reality, nothing matters until you do something. Act. Don’t be acted upon. I love you all, and I desire the best for all of you. So make it happen! =)
Elder Pickett
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Cool Beans

This week was amazing! We found a lot of new people to teach and had a magnificent baptismal service for a magnifecent, humble man. We found him after a pass-off lesson witht he Armenian elders with a lady we never saw again. We left the building, and I was talking with the other Elders while my last companion, Elder Crossley, started talking to a man sitting on the stoop, smoking. He invited us to come back another day, and we met Felipe. Talk about a prepared man. He immediately started reading the Book of Mormon everyday, coming to church every week, once we taught the Word of Wisdom, he dropped smoking and drinking in a week, read up to Mosiah in 3 weeks, and resolved his own doubts by acting on Moroni’s promise and receiving a witness of the truth of the Book of Mormon by the power of the Holy Ghost. And on top of all that, he wrote a beautiful hymn that he performed at his baptismal service, accompanied by my trainee, Elder Chandler. The Spirit was thick! It was an incredible experience.
I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord and see firsthand his work in action, see people change, and learn SO much! The Lord loves you all, and I know He loves you, and I love you, so choose the right!!
Elder Pickett
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Springtime in California

I actually don’t think it’s spring yet. Isn’t the equinox on the 21st or so? Oh well. It’s pretty much spring in February.
Things in California are beautiful. The weather is great, the temple grounds are great, our 2013 Ford Fusion is great… Things are just great! We’ll be having a baptism soon here, the superbomb Felipe. We found him sitting outside his apartment complex, smoking. And now he’s a boss. And it’s all thanks to the little blue book! It’s incredible how the Lord prepares people, and how easy it is sometimes for them to find the truth. The only real factor is if they want to find out or not. This week I saw example after example of those who want to improve, who want to know the truth, who want to progress do so and become happier, in spite of the difficulties; and on the other hand I saw those who don’t want to change, are content with their current state of being, not realizing how much more there is to life staying the same or getting worse, less happy and more confused. We’ve been trying to help them see that so many more blessings await them if they would just be willing to change their lifestyle, even just a bit, if they would just seek something better than what they already have. There is literally nothing to lose for these people. And yet, their pride hinders them from progressing. And we can’t force them to do anything. members and nonmembers alike. So we move on and look for more people who are willing to repent. And so it goes.
It’s super exciting to see all of the works of the Church roll forward, all in their perfect timing… It’s a real testament to the veracity of the Church, seeing everything work together perfectly, the new youth curriculum, missionaries leaving at an earlier age and flooding the world, stakes motivating members to preach the gospel, and I bet this next General Conference is gonna be all about members getting out of their comfort zone and spreading the good news of the gospel. And then Chavez dies, to boot. Coincidence? So go tell the missionaries to visit someone you know! And if you don’t know anyone to send them to, go meet people!
So things are lovely, and the future is bright if we have the faith to make it so.
I send my love to all those who are serving currently or are preparing to serve a mission. It’s the best!
Elder Pickett
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A Prophecy Fulfilled

So, after some investigation, we figure that the ex-pope-going-mormon is a load of chuleta. (Which means, literally, porkchop.) But this week was pretty rad! A missionary in our ward just got back and we took him with us a lot. He’s a cool guy (Brian), and we learned a lot from him. We’ve been learning a ton about teaching methods and skills and we both realized that we can’t be so quick to teach! We’ve got to help them realize what they already know, what it is that they feel, what they need to do/stop doing, how they can do all that, and why they would do it. Cuz I mean, really, how would you take two young guys coming into your house and telling you that what you believe, what you’re doing is wrong, you need to stop working on Sundays, come to church for not one but three hours every week, quit drinking coffee to wake you up in the morning, get married (or divorced and then married), read a book like it’s the most important thing you’ll ever do, and all your problems will can then be fixed? It’s crazy!! People won’t do anything until you give them a reason to do so. That’s why it’s so easy to baptize people who don’t really do anything with their lives. They do it simply because they have nothing else to do. But then, if they don’t learn to endure to the end and to be diligent, they fall back into not doing anything and are in an even worse state than they were before we showed up. But really, if they understood WHY all these things were so crucial, they wouldn’t fall away. Everyone is the same, but we’re all different.
We also went to the visitor’s center for the LA temple! Man, it was BOMB. We took some investigators there with the Hernandez family, who are super tight and going to get sealed themselves soon. The Spirit was almost choking us to death, so that we could be reborn in Christ. It was sick! I want to go back with all my investigators now! Eternal familes, man… That’s where it gets you.
The past couple days have been rough. Not because there’s a lack of things to do, but because I’ve been SO tired and the predominant song on my mind (now that all music except MoTab and hymns has been embargo’d) is the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. I haven’t had ganas to do anything! Regardless, we did, though we both felt the same way, and we had one of the most successful weeks I’ve seen here. That was the prophecy that was fulfilled. My broseph told me in these exact paraphrased words: ‘There will come a day when you don’t want to do anything. Nothing at all. So just put on your olive green pants and get out the door. Then it’ll pass, and you’ll be fine again.’ I’m looking forward to the last little bit! =) But I love being a missionary still, as always, and I love missionary work! No matter how hard or tiring it gets, it’s the best work out there, and you all should be doing it, too!
Much amor,
Elder Pickett
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