A Prophecy Fulfilled

04 Mar
So, after some investigation, we figure that the ex-pope-going-mormon is a load of chuleta. (Which means, literally, porkchop.) But this week was pretty rad! A missionary in our ward just got back and we took him with us a lot. He’s a cool guy (Brian), and we learned a lot from him. We’ve been learning a ton about teaching methods and skills and we both realized that we can’t be so quick to teach! We’ve got to help them realize what they already know, what it is that they feel, what they need to do/stop doing, how they can do all that, and why they would do it. Cuz I mean, really, how would you take two young guys coming into your house and telling you that what you believe, what you’re doing is wrong, you need to stop working on Sundays, come to church for not one but three hours every week, quit drinking coffee to wake you up in the morning, get married (or divorced and then married), read a book like it’s the most important thing you’ll ever do, and all your problems will can then be fixed? It’s crazy!! People won’t do anything until you give them a reason to do so. That’s why it’s so easy to baptize people who don’t really do anything with their lives. They do it simply because they have nothing else to do. But then, if they don’t learn to endure to the end and to be diligent, they fall back into not doing anything and are in an even worse state than they were before we showed up. But really, if they understood WHY all these things were so crucial, they wouldn’t fall away. Everyone is the same, but we’re all different.
We also went to the visitor’s center for the LA temple! Man, it was BOMB. We took some investigators there with the Hernandez family, who are super tight and going to get sealed themselves soon. The Spirit was almost choking us to death, so that we could be reborn in Christ. It was sick! I want to go back with all my investigators now! Eternal familes, man… That’s where it gets you.
The past couple days have been rough. Not because there’s a lack of things to do, but because I’ve been SO tired and the predominant song on my mind (now that all music except MoTab and hymns has been embargo’d) is the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. I haven’t had ganas to do anything! Regardless, we did, though we both felt the same way, and we had one of the most successful weeks I’ve seen here. That was the prophecy that was fulfilled. My broseph told me in these exact paraphrased words: ‘There will come a day when you don’t want to do anything. Nothing at all. So just put on your olive green pants and get out the door. Then it’ll pass, and you’ll be fine again.’ I’m looking forward to the last little bit! =) But I love being a missionary still, as always, and I love missionary work! No matter how hard or tiring it gets, it’s the best work out there, and you all should be doing it, too!
Much amor,
Elder Pickett
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