Springtime in California

11 Mar
I actually don’t think it’s spring yet. Isn’t the equinox on the 21st or so? Oh well. It’s pretty much spring in February.
Things in California are beautiful. The weather is great, the temple grounds are great, our 2013 Ford Fusion is great… Things are just great! We’ll be having a baptism soon here, the superbomb Felipe. We found him sitting outside his apartment complex, smoking. And now he’s a boss. And it’s all thanks to the little blue book! It’s incredible how the Lord prepares people, and how easy it is sometimes for them to find the truth. The only real factor is if they want to find out or not. This week I saw example after example of those who want to improve, who want to know the truth, who want to progress do so and become happier, in spite of the difficulties; and on the other hand I saw those who don’t want to change, are content with their current state of being, not realizing how much more there is to life staying the same or getting worse, less happy and more confused. We’ve been trying to help them see that so many more blessings await them if they would just be willing to change their lifestyle, even just a bit, if they would just seek something better than what they already have. There is literally nothing to lose for these people. And yet, their pride hinders them from progressing. And we can’t force them to do anything. members and nonmembers alike. So we move on and look for more people who are willing to repent. And so it goes.
It’s super exciting to see all of the works of the Church roll forward, all in their perfect timing… It’s a real testament to the veracity of the Church, seeing everything work together perfectly, the new youth curriculum, missionaries leaving at an earlier age and flooding the world, stakes motivating members to preach the gospel, and I bet this next General Conference is gonna be all about members getting out of their comfort zone and spreading the good news of the gospel. And then Chavez dies, to boot. Coincidence? So go tell the missionaries to visit someone you know! And if you don’t know anyone to send them to, go meet people!
So things are lovely, and the future is bright if we have the faith to make it so.
I send my love to all those who are serving currently or are preparing to serve a mission. It’s the best!
Elder Pickett
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