La Mera Pascua

26 Mar
Howdy, friends and family! I felt the necessity to speak of Easter today, seeing as it is approaching rapidly. I’m not sure whether it’s this sunday or the next, but I do know that there’s a easter event in spanish! I don’t know about if they’re doing it in english or not, nor is it working on these computers in spanish! But that’s what happens when you have to use internet explorer. First though, I couldn’t write yesterday because apparently it was Cesar Chavez’ birthday, and the libraries around here closed down. Sorry! Now, on to Easter.
This has become the coolest holiday EVER to me. Christmas is up there, too, being a religious Christian holiday. Not many of us white folks freak out about Easter, though. They have an egg hunt, the easter bunny, and paint eggs, but the real reason it actually exists makes it the most important holiday ever invented. Here in Latinoland, they make a way bigger deal out here. But not big enough. They have their traditions, the holy week, and talk a lot about His death. We, as Latter-Day Saints, celebrate Easter in remembrance of Christ’s resurrection. I’m not sure about the rest of the Christian world, but that’s why we do it. What better reason to celebrate than the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Setting aside a time to remember the moment when Christ finalized the eternal triumph over death and hell and Satan. With the resurrection completed, physical death was conquered, making the Atonement complete and perfect. In that moment, Christ and all His true disciples won the victory. No matter what Satan and all his angels may do, we, the believers, can rest assured that we will win the crown of victory. With the Atonement made whole, we now have the grand opportunity to repent, to change, to be made clean, to be redeemed, saved, rescued. Because of the Atonement, there is something to have faith in, something real that can give us hope, there is a purpose in this life. Can you hear these things without rejoicing? This is what it’s all about, folks. What greater reason is there to celebrate? I answer that there is none, nor can there be any.
Share this with everyone. Help them remember what Easter means, and find out what it really means for you. And then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Because in reality, nothing matters until you do something. Act. Don’t be acted upon. I love you all, and I desire the best for all of you. So make it happen! =)
Elder Pickett
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