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April Showers Bring May Baptisms!

That’s the hope anyways. We’re looking for families who can strengthen the ward, cuz that’s what the Lord wants in his church. We’ve got some folks who are ready, but are waiting on other people or certain things to happen. And we’ve got some families we need to bring back from the abyss of inactivity. But we’re gonna make it happen!
This week went by really fast, which in effect means I don’t remember much… Hahaha but we have interviews with President Becerra tomorrow, which should be fun. I’m all good, starting to get weekly massages from an hermana in the ward for some neck pain. Also I’m trying to chill out. My companion is super chill and I’ve been stressing and freaking out lately. It’s probably just super apparent in contrast to his impenetrable wall of patience and such. He’s 24! And from the east coast. Which is soooo different from the west. I’m a west coast boy. So I’m learning all kinds of culture stuff! Apparently where he’s from it’s super racist. I didn’t run into much of that… I grew up around white folks. But I’m rambling! Have a great week, talk to you next one!
Elder Pickett
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I’m On a Bus

We went to the temple today by bus!!! It was a TON of fun, actually. And it didn’t take as long as we had thought! But we had a blast as a district and got more unified and just everything is wonderful! I love going to the temple. It’s the best!
I really don’t know what to say. I’m just super excited to get things going and to see so much progress not only in our zone and mission, but around the world! I’m hearing of friends leaving on missions left and right, even a very old friend coming back from a mission, one that I haven’t talked to in almost a decade and a half. Everything is just wonderful and awesome and the Church is SO true! So go tell people! Help them out and make it all worth it!
Y’all are marvellous!
Elder Pickett
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Well, another week gone in my mission. This one went by just as quickly as most, but I was surprised to receive notice from Chris that he’s gonna be peacing out to a faraway land for 3 years right before I get back! So I had a lovely phone call and a quick covert visit from him and Nate and Katie. It was lovely to see them all! My, how things change in a year! I fear to see how Sarah and Abby have grown.
In mission news, our Sisteres had a wonderful baptism this week! We were gonna have one, but his grandpa-in-law died… But we’ll just do it when he gets back. No worries! There are enormous changes being realized in the Church right now, and I’m so glad to be a missionary to be able to see it from this unique perspective. Our zone did amazingly this week, and my trainee Elder Chandler and his companion are tearing it up! They’re the best in the zone right now and I’m SO proud of him! It’s more gratifying than seeing my own success. I love it!
The Church is true, and you should all go to it every week like the Lord has commanded. If you don’t, the consequences aren’t pretty. But there’s always repentance! Man, I love repenting.
Elder Pickett
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Conference was sweet! I’ll be honest though, I was expecting a huge announcement like China opening or an imminent natural disaster or something. But the messages were bomb. Aaronic Priesthood need to get their rears in gear, and we’ve gotta help them understand!
Just look at Conference to add to this short weekly update.
Love you!
Elder Pickett
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April is Not a Fool

Well, a new transfer rolls around and takes with it my companion. Again. Elder Garcia was called to be an assistant to the President! It was crazy, both of us got our minds blown. Him understandably more so than mine, but it was awesome nonetheless. He told me a bit about the few days before he went off to his new area, and President Becerra had a nice chat with him and Elder Garcia came out ennumerating in a thousand ways how much of a genius President is. He told me he’s got things planned out in the mission for a whole year!  I can hardly plan a good week, let alone a full year. It made me think about how God brilliant God must be to plan out Earth’s entire existence from beginning to end and have it all go according to plan. It’s crazy!! He must know us so perfectly that He knows exactly what we’re going to do in any circumstance. What a realtionship! You truly have to love someone if you know them that well. And how disappointed He must be when we don’t obey! It boggles the mind to think of such things…
Conference is going to be the!!! I’m SO excited. It’s all gonna be about missionary work and how we need to get the world ready for the Savior, cuz He’s ready to come whenever we are! With all that’s happening, I feel like we’re not too many generations away from the Second Coming. And I’m so excited to be a part of that preparation! Man, life is bomb!
One more thing: You cannot learn until you have a question. Thus, think of questions for Conference! Analyze yourself and how you’ve been doing recently, how much you’ve grown, what you can do better. Think about your scripture study, what don’t you understand? How can you be a better brother, father, sister, mother, daughter, son, friend, missionary, member, employee, boss, etc? What’s been gnawing at your soul lately? If you come ready with questions, this Conference will most assuredly be your favorite, and your most fervent questions, the desires of your heart, will be answered. Promise.
Love you all! Until next week,
Elder Pickett


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